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Understanding the role and the importance of Wetlands in Urban spaces

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26 Sep 2009 21:47
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Forwarding this info on behalf of Divya Ravindranath, Researcher, Environment Support Group "

Environment Support Group is organising a workshop on "Understanding the role and the importance of Wetlands in Urban spaces"‚ The workshop will be held on 26th September 2009 at the MariGowda Hall in Lal Bagh. The various sessions are as follows:

- Historical view of lakes in Bangalore

- Current status of Lakes in Bangalore

- Criticality of lakes for water security in Bangalore

- Urban Lakes as functional eco-systems

- Legal and Policy frameworks that govern lakes

The workshop aims to bring together Decision makers, Media, NGOs, Teachers, Students and the general public. We write to this group in particular, as members here have an intrinsic understanding of lakes as eco-systems due to their long term involvement and experience in studying bird-life and water bodies.

We look forward to your participation in the workshop. You are also invited to use our workshop as an opportunity to display your photo-exhibits, charts, models, and other forms of visual representations on lakes, bird-life, other aquatic life, livelihoods and so on. We are sure that the sharing of your work will deepen the discussion at the workshop. If you are interested in the same and want to discuss further details, please write back to me at *divyarrs[at]esgindia[dot]org* "


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clashes with Prof. Ramachandra's brainstorming session

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 How unfortunate.  I have written to both parties.  Hope they can resolve the conflict in date.  THis lakes issue really needs all organizations to work together.

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Prof. TVR's reply

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 Dear Mr.Sanjay

Thank you. Now it is too difficult to postpone, as our programmee is after the wetlands workshop and most participants like to attend the brainstorming session.

with best wishes



I wish there was a way both these events could be held in the same venue.  Would CISTUP not be able to host the Environment Research Group guys also on IISc campus?  High hopes I suppose, but it is so critical for all the interested parties to work together on this very important issue.


let's see how Ms. Ravindranath responds.  If there is no options, maybe Ananthram sir can go to one event while I will go to the other. Other interested parties can also split up accordingly so that we can learn from both fora.

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I tried to contact Divya

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Divya Ravindranath, Researcher, Environment Support Group


I am a senior citizen and a member of “PRAJA”. I came to know about the event at Lal Bagh being organized by the Environment Support Group, through a post on PRAJA by one of our members. The link below refers:-

I am excited about the initiative taken by environment support group. I would be very much interested in knowing about the group in general and attending the event at Lal Bagh, in particular.

Unfortunately the event is clashing with   another on the same subject at IISc. IISc is a premier Institute recognized internationally. They are conducting a workshop on the subject of lakes.

I am sure that you will agree with me that we should not be working in our own shells without being aware of what is happening in the city of Bangalore. Hence I am writing this personal message. I am sure you would agree with me that it is possible to work out a solution to the present problem. I would definitely like to help if possible. Please call me, as soon as possible


LL:- 4126-9814 or Mobile:- 98440-01591 


However there is no reply till now. 

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Way forward

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 Other interested parties can also split up accordingly so that we can learn from both fora.

Doesnt this sound more reasonable than fighting with things not in your control? Why not that integration of thoughts happen on Praja after getting the best of both?

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nobody is fighting

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 ... only giving suggestions.  As a first step, now they are hopefully both aware that they have a clash..  Hoping and pushing for a desirable outcome is still allowed, isn't it?

At this point, we are bit players in this lake issue.  These other groups have years of work put in.  My feeling so far is the following.. all the knowledge is out there.  A lot of players are involved each with their own pet sub-causes. If everybody just comes together and works hand in hand, the results will start showing very quickly.

Anyway, I know that is the hard part.

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IDS your suggestion is valid

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 I was at difficulty to understand the quote: 

“ Other interested parties can also split up accordingly so that we can learn from both fora. 

Tweeter Style! 

This time the bulb flashed and here I am. Yes we are splitting. I am opting for Lal Bagh, if it is OK with Sanjay. Otherwise we switch. I missed the first meet with IISc. Hence I thought it is better Sanjay goes to the second one too. I will catch up later.

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Kindly Clarify

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 Deepakar, Kindly clarify the event start time and duration. It shows 21:47. It will be great help if you can clarify please. 


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 Hi PSA sir... I am fine eitherways.  Since you indicated having intimated Prof. R about attending the IISc event, I took the liberty of picking the other one.  If you would like to go to the ESG one, I will cover IISc.

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Pity no one in Karnataka believes in Durga ashtami which falls on 26th September. I would have loved to join this ESG session, but Ashtami is a very special family day which comes only once every year that cannot be missed.

Shall look forward to reading your comments about the session that day. Shall also try to meet Ms Ravindranath of ESG separately after the session during the following week to see how best we can help in providing sustainable solution fopr cleaning, rejuvenating and maintaining major Lakes in Karnataka.




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PSA sir, please note:

 Here is the announcement. So the event is from 9:30 am to 4 pm on Sept 26th

Location: Marigowda Hall, Lal Bagh, Bangalore

Prior registration is required

For More Details and Registrations contact: (It might be better to call rather than email)

Divya Ravindranath or Bhargavi S. Rao, Environment Support Group, 1572, 36th Cross, Ring Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560070 Tel:91-80-26713559/60/61 Email Website:

Lalbagh requires all Participants to pay the entrance fee of RS.10/- at the gates

--------------------- Full announcement follows -------------------------------------------

Environment Support Group ®

in collaboration with

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology

invites you to a workshop on

Urban Lakes as Ecological, Cultural and Public Spaces

A Workshop for Decision makers, Media, NGOs, Teachers, Students and the Public

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009

Time: 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Venue: Marigowda Hall, Lalbagh, Near Double Road Entrance, Bangalore


The urban built area of Bangalore once had over 300 tanks (now also called as lakes). These water harvesting systems were built over hundreds of years by various generations, and formed an intricate network of water use serving agriculture and drinking water needs. In addition these water bodies have become critical sites for a variety of flora and fauna, especially local and migratory waterfowl.

Over time, these tanks have disappeared due to poor urban planning, lack of concern and reliance on drawing water from faraway rivers. The cultural underpinnings of water conservation that was so innate to life and living in these regions, slowly eroded with the disappearance of these lakes. As the city grows more dense in population and buildings, the critical importance of lakes as social, cultural and ecological spaces is being felt.

Presently less than 60 of these tanks exist in built Bangalore, and most are heavily polluted or drained. As a direct result of encroachment of lakes and its canal networks, Bangalore’s neighbourhoods get easily flooded even in a short rain frequently resulting in loss of life and property.

In this workshop we will understand the traditional methods of use and management of tanks and community relationships that kept these practices alive. We will appreciate the dynamic ecology of lakes and their role in supporting livelihoods of communities dependent on fishing, horticulture and farming. We will focus our concerns on how lakes have transitioned into cesspools of urban waste, sewage and decay. We will examine how critical lakes are to building water security for ever growing Bangalore. We will examine the role of the Rule of Law and Community Action in reviving these critical water bodies. We will also examine current policies of protecting and conserving lakes and examine their efficiency, especially ongoing efforts at privatising lakes. As an overall process we will try and evolve a series of good practices to ensure our lakes are retained for our generation and generations to come.

This workshop is for decision makers from the government and corporate sectors, academicians, media persons, legal professionals, political leaders, etc. Needless to state, anyone is welcome with prior registration.

Proceedings of this workshop will be widely circulated with the help of mass media and also electronically.

For More Details and Registrations contact:

Divya Ravindranath or Bhargavi S. Rao, Environment Support Group, 1572, 36th Cross, Ring Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560070 Tel:91-80-26713559/60/61 Email Website:

Lalbagh requires all Participants to pay the entrance fee of RS.10/- at the gates comment guidelines

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