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Monthly praja meeting- September 2009

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12 Sep 2009 10:00
Praja related

Looking at the responses and suggestion, we can have the praja meeting at jayanagar TTMC at 10 am.   Next month we can have  the meet at the metro site @byappanahalli. 

Event:  Monthly praja meeting -September 2009

Venue: Jayanagar TTMC @ jayanagar 4th block.

Date: 12 September 2009

Time: 10 Am



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Will be there.

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Haven't attended a meeting for a long time.  Will join.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

psaram42's picture

I will be attending

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 Thanks for finalizing the venue and time. I will be attending.

dvsquare's picture

I will be there

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Will be joining

sanjayv's picture

enjoy and take good photos

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Have a good meeting guys.  I have several things to catch up with on the personal front this Saturday. Can't make it. 

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Monthly meet

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Hi Manjari,

Please try to get Ms. Mithila (BMTC) for this meet.


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Mr.Pathy, this is a Praja Meet!

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Mr. Pathy, This is a Praja meet and should be that way. All are welcome as Praja guest. Syed
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I'll try...

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Thanks for taking the lead Vinod.

I'm busy 10:30am. I'll join if I can escape sooner.


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My first Praja meet, where should I be there @TTMC?

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or any contact numbers we can catch up with ?

or any meeting point @TTMC ?

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dvsquare Deepak

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hey dvsquare

I have PMed the my mobile number with you. You will see me wearing a Praja cap.

Lets meet near the bus entry point, just under the skywalk...  there is no footpath there... but we have the ramp for the TTMC parking bays to stand safe!!

-Srivatsava V

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Beyond the meeting..

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Guys, (understand thet the gal is not joining tomorrow!!)

Post our meeting, we can discuss on  what supplementary work is needed at Jayanagar TTMC - a list of lessons to be incorporated into future TTMCs..

-Srivatsava V

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Wont be able to join

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Some family thing till 12 noon, sorry about missing this one. 2-3 or 10-12 of you, hope attendees will supply some nice shots of the place.

Don't know how to manage these meetings for better attendance. These are more for people to meet each other in person - good change from online/skype/email world.

Perhaps we should publish full year's calendar for praja monthly meets, that way we can keep the time free. Anyway.

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Thanks Srivatsa

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But I didn't get your PM in my message box.

Anyways, I will look for Praja Cap @TTMC, or if we don't meet till 10, please call me at my mobile number I have PM'ed you. comment guidelines

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