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Civic Spaces to Engage, Enhance, Enjoy at Max Muller Bhavan

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27 Jun 2009 16:30
27 Jun 2009 18:00

 Through Bengaluru Speaks, Meta-Culture would like to provide a platform for citizens to share their thoughts on how they can connect in deeper ways with Bengaluru, and share ideas about how they can improve and benefit from the city. The dialogue will help participants vocalise their hopes and aspirations for our Bengaluru. Participants will share their thoughts on pertinent questions that will be posed to them, as well as have the opportunity to converse with fellow citizens of Bangalore about relevant issues, in a respectful and safe space. Come engage in honest and constructive conversations about issues that matter to you and your city.

For more information, call Meta-Culture at 41524785, mail or visit the website:



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Portal - Still at a nascent stage... no case studies?

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The portal is under construction and its static contents are inconclusive.  If a few case studies had been portrayed with variables and deliverables duly elaborated it would have made some impression. is having an open 'Internet Hyde Park' WAN for participation.  Societal happenings, People's concerns, conflicts, resolutions surface almost instantaneously through its ever interactive Prajegalu.

There is enough place for all those concerned who want to do good things.   

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