Bellandur Lake Maintenance

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4 Jul 2009 10:00

  The residents of Apartment complexes in and around Belandur Lake area are concerned about the upkeep of the Lake. The issues are avoidance of health hazards, Eco enhancement including environment protection. These residents are dependent on Bore wells for there drinking water needs. 

Place: Shoba May Flower Apartment # 2705 / Lawn

Start : 10AM

Time Duration: one hour


Bellandur Lake Maintenance

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This particular lake has unfortunately been very much in the news for all the wrong reasons up until now! Suggesting remedies for saving it from being polluted on a daily basis is like placing one's hand in fire!!

The best method is to tackle the problem at the source where it occurs. Alternate solution to ensure sewage water does not get mixed with storm water is the only way. No quick fix solution is possible. I wish I had some good news. Of course there are new technologies to convert the entire lake into a crystal clear, Taihiti-like beach with a lagoon like effect, but that requires courage and energy to tackle vested interests in Government. 

Let us pray we can find a solution to tackle the rot amongst the authorities to enable us to tackle the rot in the lake!

Best wishes,



The Agenda

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 The purpose of the meeting is to deliberate on a plan of action, to fix up a Praja meeting with the water authorities like BWSSB / Lake authority.


Which date?

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I can see the time,  the duration and the venue but I am not very sure about the date.


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 I had lot of problem with setting of the event. I could not even delete the duplicate event set by mistake. It was a confusing and tough experiance. Any way I am Ok with comment.

Date: 04 July 2009

Day: Saturday

Time: 10AM

Venue: Shoba May Flower Apartment 2705 (second block 7th floor 5th apartment

Duration: 1 Hr.

Hope to see more Shoba people. Thanks Manjary for the alert. 


The count down events window which used to be there earlier seems to be missing now. It was a very good and usefull feature.

Event at Shobha Mayflower

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Dear All,

I am sorry I did not see this message up until now. I am not in Bangalore on 4th July. Sorry I wont be able to attend this meeting. Will catch up with you all after 10th July as i am pretty tied up till then.

My suggestion for the best way forward regarding Bellandur lake maintenance is to pressurise the authorities to look for best solution available in the whole world. Let them float an Expression of Interest for Global participation. Some very interesting results will materialise.

There are parties willing to take up the entire cleaning and maintenance on BOOT basis - which means local authorities will not have to shelve out large sums of money in one go. If a foreign Company is willing to upgrade the entire Bellandur Lake at their cost involving an investment of (say) US$ 20 million and if they are willing to collect an annual fee from BWSSB / BBMP of US$ 1 million for 30 years, will the authorities be willing? The fee is payable after the year is over, so in case of default on any count, the authorities can deduct liquidated damages.

Countries like Chile in South America are doing such deals and everyone is enjoying crystal clear lagoon-like water bodies for a whole generation!

Just my two penny worth.



Problem fixed - set to 10 AM July 4

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After recent site upgrade, there was a problem in picking dates for event posts. Now fixed, sorry for the trouble.


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Hi ,

    Can i knw clearly whn is the meeting ?

     whr? Wht time ? 

    I think if chari sir could join us it will be kool. plz conform Chari sir .

     It will be nice to join together. Thank u ,
Usha Kiran

So far No body confirming?

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 It will be nice if people start putting their comments here, confirming their attendance. Hi Usha here is a google map for your convinience.

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Hi sir .
As i ve spoken to Ananthram sir abt meeting . I am coming down on saturday meeting .  Count me too. i am coming .

Usha Kiran

Attending the event

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Both Neeraj and me will be there on sat. comment guidelines

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