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Vayu Vajra Schedule


I was wondering if someone who is connected with BMTC and their routes could suggest that on their website they put the estimated timings of Vayu Vajra at ALL stops. I was thinking of taking the bus tomorrow night as I have to go to the airport quite late - so I looked at the website. The last bus which passes through Malleswaram, where I would catch it, leaves from its origin - Chikkalasandra - at 10.40 pm. I have no idea when it will arrive at Malleswaram, so cannot really plan on taking it as I cannot take the risk of missing it - it is the last bus and I have a flight to catch.

So it appears I have the option of going there at 10.40 or so and waiting till the bus arrive in Malleswaram, or figuring out some other way of getting to the airport. It seems like VV is better for returning from the airport rather than going there. It would not be too much more effort for them to put up the approximate schedule of the bus at every stop.

It would be great if the IT geeks in Bangalore could develop somthing like the Deutsch Bahn website

Here you can put in your starting address and destination - and it will tell you all the possible options to get there - including by walk ! And also tell you how much your Carbon footprint would be if you drove, took a train or flew. There was a point when British Rail was using this website for their train schedules ! 



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I believe VV has this already on bmtcifno


VV has timings by stop already. 

How reliable this info is is anybody's guess.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Aha - but while you are right

Aha - but while you are right - this is not the case always ! For BIAS - 11- the one of consequence to me, there are no details.



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BIAS 11 takes a very long route

I travelled in BIAS 11. It takes a very long route almost takes 21/2 hours to reach airport from PB Nagar. Direct taxi takes just 1hr to 1hr 30 mins. It is OK from Vijaynagar onwards.

JP Nagar - Jayanagar Vajra seems to be better option for South Bangaloreans. comment guidelines

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