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Trip Report - Suggestions for free flow of Traffic (Old Madras Road towards ITPL)

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From Kamanahalli to GR-Tech Park – Focusing on travel from the Banaswadi Outer ring road starting at the Ramurthynagar Grade Seperator upto Hope Farm.

My trip report begins with a right on top of the bridge over the outer ring road near the tamarind restaurant towards the Fly Over. There is a new service road that runs parallel to the railway line, if this is extended to go under the flyover and take a right towards NGEF road a big hurdle will be addressed. The hurdle is created by traffic coming from Banaswadi on the ring road and taking a right into Kasturi Nagar so as to go towards old madras road using the newly spruced up service road that runs parallel to the railway tracks near the Byappanahalli Station. This will ensure that traffic coming from tin factory towards Banaswadi and using the flyover do not get held up.

Although there has been a lot said about having a pedestrian over bridge at Tin Factory (beginning of the cable stayed bridge) my six months of daily commute leads me to know that the pile up actually happens at the opposite end. A pedestrian overbridge is needed at the opposite end near the KR Puram railway station parking. Another “staller” is about 100 meters ahead where one finds a speed breaker…this is absolutely unnecessary since traffic does not have a chance to speed at this section, as it is only just emerging from the bottle nect spoken off.

Another speed breaker near B Narayanpura bus stop is not required and slows traffic down, this spot is on a gradient and traffic is travelling quite smoothly hear, however this may be justified for the presence of a U-Turn.

The next “staller” is a bottleneck near Mahadevpura (just before the brigade residential project) busses stop here even though there is a bus bay about 300 meters before this point.

The next pain area is near “borouka tech park” where a right turn takes some traffic towards EPIP, there should be a modification made in the road here that will allow vehicles taking a right to realign and wait to take the turn while traffic going straight on continue onwards without having to slow down or wait. (Actually all U-turns in the US have this modification made).

While Hodi circle it self is not a major bottleneck the road after that is huge issue. Here all traffic “slows” down being forced into a single file only because this narrow road has trucks and other vehicles parked on one side. Of course the extremely poor roads on this stretch itself are unbelievable.

The next stretch needs the road modifications I spoke about earlier as all bottlenecks are caused by U-turns causing a pile up of vehicles behind the one taking the turn.

Some bus bays near ITPL and better truck management near container corporation will make this stretch far easier to navigate.


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New service road?

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Where exactly is the new service road? Where does it join Old Madras Road? I see a pile up under railway under bridge these days when I am going in to the city in the mornings. Is this due to the new service road?

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After so long wait your

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After so long wait your concerns are finally addressed. I have seen work in progress to make an underpass connection ORR service road and NGEF road. I would even love to close the junction to take right turn to kasturinagar while coming from rammurthinagar which helps ease a lot of taffic problems. comment guidelines

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