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Save Pedestrian Infrastructure in Indian Cities / Towns Petition

Indian code for the Pedestrian Facilities 5- IRC 103-1988, recommends following norms: Footpath on both sides. Minimum width of 1.5m or 5ft on both sides. Dead width of 0.5m or 1.64 to 2ft and 1m or 3.28 to 3.5ft to be added to footpath along houses, buildings, trees, fences and commercial or shopping areas respectively. Footpath width to be increased in cases of bus stops and recreational areas.

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This is a basic need

This is totally required.  It can not be sacrificed for roads. It is a right assured by IRC and local govts should not come in the way at all.




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do these petitions accomplish anything?

The subject says it all.

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Friends, New footpath /


New footpath / sidewalk technology exists which ensures demarcation as a foot path and is at the same time seamlessly on same level as roads. Since such foot paths also double up as storm water drain inlet points, one can have three birds "killed" with one technology!

Yours etc


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