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Forced to pay a rupee extra!

Most of us have experienced this at times, for me though it's a daily thing. What am I talking about? Yes it's about nandini milk/curd etc. No matter what time i go visit  a shop for purchasing milk/curd, the shop keeper demands a rupee extra on the MRP printed on the pouch. I have tried telling him, argued with him, but nothing works. And I have observed that this is the case in 99% of the shops (except nandini milk booth) I know it is against the law to charge more than the MRP printed but how and where do I complain and on whom should I complain, as this is the case all over karnataka. the same goes with any soft drinks you purchase. when you ask, they'll say they charge extra becasue they refrigerate the product!

How does one solve this. I have no other recourse as of now, as the nearest nandini booth available is also charging that extra rupee if you happen to go to him say about an hour or so after he gets delivery of milk from nandini. please advice.


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There is nothing called "free lunch" in this world.

Nothing is free in this world.  To be born also we are charged and to be burried also we are charged. 

Paying One rupee for reasonably  fresh refrigerated curds packet is not a big deal because even beggars look at you sarcastically if you give them one rupee, and incidentally, if the dealer had kept the same in the hot sun and delivered a packet of sour curds, you would have posted the same on Praja.. Or else, arrange some free electricity for him.

From your profile, I find that you want to be a 'successful entrepreneur.

For a start, my sincere suggestion is, become a franchisee of Nandini Milk Parlour and find answers to your questions floated above and also become a successful entrepreneur.

- OK shoot

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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Misplaced facts


The cost of electricity as well as other over head costs are included in the MRP (you can cross check that with KMF). Law states that is a crime to sell anything above the MRP (milk or alcohol). The problem is most of us can afford Rs.1 and would rather give up that extra rupee than argue with the shopkeeper. But in the process, since we do not raise our voice, the people from the poorer segment of the society (for whom, even a rupee would matter) are also forced to pay this.

The best thing would be to boycott these stores and rather buy from retail chains.

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MRP is till the product is delivered - franchisee survival?


@ Ritesh,

Consumer Zindabaad. - holistic thoughts.- what about value added services?

Franchisee survival is through the few paises he gets per packet sold so long as consumer patronise for his deliverables of good product.

The second part of sour curds holds equal value and renders him jobless

The ball is in the court of the consumer

- Consumerism also prescribes that we should get bills for products purchased.  I hope Mr.Ritesh is demanding and obtaining a receipt for his milk/curds packet or is sale of milk and curds exempted from taxes - please enlighten me.

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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MRP = Maximum Retail Price

This is not a Suggested Retail Price.  In this is included the retailer margin of anywhere between 10-15% which is meant to cover the cost of doing business and help him make profits.  A retailers ROI depends on how many times he can turn over his inventory each year.  If e.g. he carries 10 days of inventory and makes 1.5% net margin his ROI wil be close to 54% p.a. on his working capital.

Home delivery is a different story and can be charged separately.  However many retailers do it for free as part of customer service.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Please read my previous comment

@VKM - for your benefit, i re-quote from my previous comment - 

 The cost of electricity as well as other over head costs are included in the MRP (you can cross check that with KMF)

To make it even more clearer - the MRP includes "the value added service" of storing it in a refrigerator and also accounts for damaged packets (soiled or soured). 

I dont understand your rhetoric of bill and blah blah blah, please call any KMF office/diary, they will "enlighten" you. PERIOD.

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Bill and Blah Blah

Ritesh Sir,

First the Bill: To ENLIGHTEN YOU  about consumerism (My qualification: I have anchored about 152 episodes on Grahaka Jaagrithi on 4M TV channel for a 'phone-in' prog when I had most of the service providers step into the programme with their wares like weights and measures, foods: adulterated Menasu, Jeerige, 'shooting' while filling petrol/diesel adopted by Petrol bunks, banks hiring goondas against RBI guidelines, cheque bounce cases,  supply of defecive white goods and refusals thereafter etc., etc., and I had assumed the part of a novice consumer who had not bothered to obtain a bill) I would have suggested ways of taking that franchisee to consumer's court, only if you had proof that you had purchased that packet of milk or curds by paying that ONE RUPEE EXTRA from that particular shop.  

Got my point?  

Second: Rhetoric and Blah Blah are parts of consumer education for those who need KG standard. Pun intended.

Begeprasad avare, R U there?

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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Off the topic

Sorry for being off topic.

Vasanthkumar Sir,

What is a legitimate bill? Many times I get a bill with just the item and the price of the item printed. No name of the shop. Is it sufficient that the name of the shop is printed on the bill? Can you please enlighten us?



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Very naive question from an educated praja?

Srinivas avare, Elementary Dr.Watson ...(from Sherlock Homes)

However, if you really want to see a real bill, when you buy some drugs from a well known chemist's shop, demand a bill, answer all questions to let them note, obtain the bill and observe what are all the details go into the making of an officially recognisable bill.

Similarly, according to the rules of registration for obtaining a license to engage in trade - any trade - it is incumbent on the part of the trader to register himself and obtaining registration numbers of various mandatory taxes to be collected and remitted to government account.   The list is long....but suffice it to say that even if you obtain a piece of paper that notes details of items€, quantity etc.,  you have purchased and also with authentic seal of the shop, address, date, signature, even though it may not stand the legal test and can be contested, you can file a case in the consumer court for relief.  The consumer court will summon both the shopkeeper and the consumer for strict proof during the hearing of the case. You can further strengthen your case if you have retained the outer or inner covers of packets or package with details of what it contains, date of mfg. expiry, rate, batch no. etc.

- Innoo bekaadre, just call up the commercial tax officers office and get clarification.

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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think its just fine!

So who is the milk vendor? One who is authorized to disctibute milk/milk pdts by KMF..

They get the lot in trays at around 6AM and they sell the milk and the empty trays are collected back by the same truck at around 8 AM..

after these hours the milk/curds are refridgerated and sold at a higher price..I do not see a problem overall but probably they can reduce 1 Rs extra to 50 Ps maybe..

This is like those illegal petrol vendors..they sell at a primium cos they get it from bunks and sell..if our vehicle runs dry infront of such a place(my bike always does!)..u have no option but to fill up with them..else push vehicle to the nearest bunk...which sounds stupid in a way!

Similarly Nandini milk is available at KMF booths at the regular price through the day..however the local stockists are just making life easier..lets pay the price!

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Be open

The cool drink vendors also charge Re. 1 extra bottle. They say it is refrigeration charge. Somebody went to the court, and I think courts have allowed it. The same way this might also be questioned. If courts allow it, good. But now I think it is illegal.

If they want to sell it above MRP, let them put a board that they will be charging extra and be open about that!

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Other side of the story

 They say it is refrigeration charge. Somebody went to the court, and I think courts have allowed it

Can you provide a reference of this case you are mentioning? I am led to believe otherwise by other cases like this one.

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Funny world malls, a packet of popcorn is Rs.20-MRP?


Cool Drinks/ordinary puffs, even peanut packets price - uncontrolled.

Why grudge Re.1 for a small trader?

Making mountain of a mole hill.  

I am writing this with no regrets because there is nothing 'headgoing' in this topic nor any MNC has been closed down nor economy of the world has crashed.

- I am taking off.

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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@ All

After going through the discussion, let me put it like this.
1. There is nothing called "free lunch" in this world:
Agreed and understood but it's not for me or for anyone else for that matter to "arrange some free electricity" for the shop keeper. He's doing the job as part of his business and most of us would like him to be fair in doing the business. If the shop keeper is not able to make a profit out of selling nandini milk at the MRP printed, let him stop selling it instead of milking the public. Or even better let all these shop keepers talk to nandini and get this extra rupee of "refrigeration"  charge added to the MRP. Nandini milk booths can then sell milk with a rupee less than the MRP. As for as becoming a franchisee of nandini milk, sorry sir, my hadns are already full with what I'm doing and once I become "successful" then I might seriously consider your suggestion.

2. MRP is till the product is delivered - franchisee survival? :
Point 1 covers the most part of it. And it's always my choice where I go and buy what I want. I can drive all the way to nandini booth which is about 5 kms away to buy milk at MRP (ya it does sound stupid) what about people who can't afford to do that?

3. think its just fine! & Funny world malls, a packet of popcorn is Rs.20-MRP?:
above points cover it. & No sir, it's not "making mountain of a mole hill" if that's the case, then taking it further, whats wrong if I deviate from the sanctioned plan and construct my building by paying some amount to the bbmp engineer for allowing me to do it? after all he's making my life easier and better... is it ok?


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