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Curb communal disturbances in the bud

It is unfortunate communal disturbances have rocked  the same place in Mysore twice in a couple of months.

Whatever be the reasons, provocations etc, the administration would do well to put this down once and for all and ensure it doesn't recur again. It would also do well to instill confidence among the local people and hold weekly meetings  as a confidence building exercise  amongst people so necessary at such times.

Mysore is a major tourists centre drawing visitors from all over the world to visit the Palace, Chamundi Hills, KRS ,The Mysore Zoo, Dasara, those who come  to learn Yoga, IT company etc. Mysore's revenue mainly comes from tourists. The hotels, tourist operators, transport almost get their business from tourists who will come only if there is harmony and peace around.

If  peace and tranquility are disturbed time and again, word spreads it is unsafe to visit Mysore. Such a situation will hurt the city grievously and becomes irrepairable over a period of time.

Hence authorities, leaders of poltical parties,  leaders of religious organisations like Swamijis, Bishops and Moulvis must step in to save the good name of city and its future.

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'boodi muchida kenda'

Whenever for one reason or the other, a communal clash surfaces in this grand old city, it erupts like a volcano and makes it a point to splash blood, gore and ash all over the city. 

What makes it happen and who is responsible? 

- Simmering burried emotions? 

- Communal feelings?

- Hatredness perpetrated due to previous events? 

Is there no end for this periodical outburst that results in loss of lives and spread of terror and panick amongst the citizens? 

- Where is the epicenter of this tragedy?  Is it political, communal or simple hatredness against certain vested interests?

- Something concrete has to be done on a permanent basis. 

- People must become more responsible towards their future generations and see that they also do not imbibe the hate culture.

- People must understand that there is so much happiness in living with peace and harmony.

- Hate begets hate.

My prayers are with the departed souls.

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