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What makes HSRL so attractive?!

 "After several bureaucratic hitches, the Rs 5,767-crore project has gathered steam. The 34-km high-speed rail link will start from MG Road, run along the right side of National Highway up to BIA. "

The HSRL has got the Viability Gap Funding(VGF) from the Centre..

more of it here

In jan this year Sreedharan made some critical comparisons of the other option of laying a metro rail to the airport..he mentioned that , HSRL costs only Rs 3,800 crore, while metro to BIA costs at least Rs 5,000 crore...todays quote is 5767 crores for HSRL..thought we are in an negative inflation economy!!

Btw there were 13 REASONS FAVOURING HSRL quoted then

*HSRL is cheaper than metro - on the long run??
*Metro needs large scale land acquisition - dont understand this! is it cos of the stations??
*Metro travel time from city to BIA is one hour, HSRL 23 minutes - will 40 minutes matter?
*Metro cannot be implemented under PPP model - run and controlled by just on 'P'
*Metro not ideal for connecting far off places like BIA - who says so? and where is it proven? and what is far off?
*Metro cannot have check-in facilities - who needs this? cant we do tele checkins and internet checkins?
*Metro connecting airport in other countries hardly patronised - examples please!
*Metro to airport is not part of CTTP plan -  aint it going to yelahanka anyway!?
*Metro needs heavy subsidies, HSRL does not need any. - its not govt money anyway!
*HSRL doesn’t need much land as it runs on pillars - metro runs at grade anywhere in blr?
*Metro is viable only if the ridership is over 25,000 per hour per direction - apt city did any one say and other sez's in devanahalli??
*With B’lore getting into the league of major international cities, HSRL is unavoidable - another white elephant like the BETL?
* Any talk of alternative will de-rail proposed HSRL - selfish stmt!


Thanisandra Corridor a lesser invasive option

 Instead of overusing Bellary Road (NH 7) to BIA, perhaps the powers that be should think of upgrading the Thanisandra Corridor.

A Mono Rail - cheaper than HSRL or even a mixture of Elevated Light Rail which can be converted to grade level after Nagawara Lake via Thanisandra could turn out to be much more cheaper.

Well - just a wish! I wish i had the money to undertake this project - i would!

Convert BETL to Elevated Rail

I'm seriously wondering if BETL can be converted to a high capacity elevated rail without any significant modification.

This would be more optimal since it can be integrated into the Metro.

It remains to be seen if BETL is going to become a victim of it's own success like the Gurgaon expressway fiasco. 

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What abt something like this???

Beijing Airport Express

Beijing Capital International Airport Link's ART MK II Vehicles Debut in Changchun

On Sep. 7, the first train, which comprises 4 ART (Advanced Rapid Transit) MK II vehicles, that is to be used for Beijing Capital International Airport Link connecting Dongzhimen Station to the Beijing Capital International Airport using Bombardier's ART technology made its debut in Changchun.

In March 2006, Bombardier received an order from Changchun Railway Vehicles (CRC) as part of a contract awarded to CRC by the Beijing Dongzhimen Airport Express Rail Co. Ltd. for the supply of 40 ART MK II vehicles for the Beijing Capital International Airport Link.

It is known that Bombardier participates in project management and is responsible for vehicle systems engineering and integration, design and manufacture of the bogies as well as the propulsion and braking systems while Changchun Railway Vehicles (CRC) manufactures the 40 ART MK II vehicles.

Once fully operational, the airport link will serve four different stations: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao, Beijing Capital International Airport's Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Passengers will be able to interchange trains conveniently at the Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao Stations, where connections to the 2008 Olympic village will be available.
In addition, a special lounge at the Dongzhimen Station will allow passengers to initiate flight-boarding procedures before arriving at the airport as well.


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AirTrain doesnt look so great!

Isnt this a waste of infrastructure..the super structure is as big as what is being now put up for blr metro on MG why not a metro to apt!!!


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HSRL is just another pork-barrel project to feed the suckers

I wonder why Sreedharan is proposing an HSRL in Bangalore while aggressively promoting a metro link in his home town of Delhi.

This is just another pork barrel project for the benefit of the select few.

Conveniently, the cost of land acquisition is ommitted in this HSRL project, and the figures quoted by government are their rates. Should they apply market rates to the land, the project will balloon beyond control.

And ultimately, there will never be enough passenger traffic at BIA, EVER, to justify the HSRL.

I had written two articles on this topic some time back. http://www.bangaloreaviat... and http://www.bangaloreaviat...

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