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Sustainable transport meeting today 5 PM


As you might already been knowing thanks to the efforts of Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Commissioner, BMLTA two of the projects proposed during the cycling workshop have now been approved by the Govt. 

1. Cycle track around Madiwala Lake
2. Cycling tracks in Jayanagar/JP Nagar/Basavanagudi to form the safe route to school network. 
Mr. Gupta has evinced interested in discussing the promotion of Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) in general and bicycling in particular and would like to meetup with us and brainstorm on ideas that can be pursued by the BMLTA in coordination with the community.
He has agreed to meetup with us at 5pm tomorrow evening (7th May 200) at his office at KSRTC Central Office on KH Double Road.
I would request you to participate in the discussions and provide your inputs and suggestions. 
Please feel free to forward this invite to others who you think can contribute to the discussions. 
Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. 

Pradeep B V
RideACycle Foundation

+91 94498 23772

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Why I think this project is very important for Praja

School and college students cannot drive automobiles, and hence are forced to use sustainable transport - bus, cycling and walking. They go to school by bus (public or private), walk to and from the bus stops, and cycle. People at this age are also less cynical than adults, and actually think the world can be changed by their individual actions.

The anti-crackers movement during Deepawali is primarily a school childrens' movement in Delhi, started (I think) in one of DPS school's branches by an NGO. Children now not only avoid lighting crackers, they prevent adults from doing it as well.

Can Praja replicate this in sustainable transport in Bangalore ? We educate kids, sell them the idea. They force their parents to use sustainable transport, and are themselves lifelong users of it instead of 'graduating' to bikes and cars when they grow up.

One of these projects is for building cycling tracks on a 5 to 6 km. long stretch of roads in an area that probably has the city's densest concentration of schools and colleges. Once the tracks are made, it is highly likely that the kids will make it their turf and protect it fiercely from encroachment by automobile users. It will in effect be a prototype project - we learn from it, improve upon it in other stretches.

This is why those of us in Praja who believe in sustainable transport must be present at today's meeting.


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Digging of roads and improper patch up

This comment has been moved here.
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5 pm, middle of week

Tell me how most of us can attend this meeting :)

The whole purpose of Praja is to make things easy for majority (who work during weekdays). Those who manage to attend this, please do post detailed update on any important leranings or decisions. We eagerly look forward to updates from this meeting.



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You have a point, but....

Meeting not fixed by me, project not spearheaded by me. Not a Praja event. Just guys I know, and I've been informed after the date and time were fixed.


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Road design guidelines

Pradeep, Das, Others

A few of us are creating a detailed and comprehensive set of guidelines on road design, which includes footpaths, cycle tracks etc. This is still in the preparation phase - only thing is I would like you to be aware, so that this can be given to relevant people who are doing the design.

I would unfortunately not be able to come in today. But please have a look, the footpath part is complete as far as the written part goes (some images are to be added). I do plan to meet Gaurav as part of this activity as well sometime in the future. If time permits, you can sound him on this as well

Also, you can give your comments on the document itself, as well as any specific things you would like to be added (say on cycle tracks)etc. Download the document from here -




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Classification in 'Manual"

The classification with geometrics and civil engineering should not be separated.Its like

saying that Sonographic expert is not an MBBS (Doctor's degree) or a Criminal Lawyer is not

a  lawyer.

Civil Engineering comprises with respect to roads:

Geometrics, Pavement,Drainage,Transportation,Landscaping,Environmental and sociological

parameters.The final outcome is the economic and financial viability.

If you wish to add, you may add:

Conceptualisation i.e. the Planning of the alignment done by remote viewing

and traffic loading.




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Bus Stop/Shelter

Dear Mr. Suhas,
I found the document very comprehensive.
Only a couple of points-
1. Driver Training- The buses should not overtake at bus stops, but come one after another. Overtaking  causes chaos as the waiting commuters have to run up & down.
2.Wherever buses towards different destinations/directions converge, the stops should be bifucated so that there is convenient boarding and alighting.
3. The bus route numbers / destinations should be of large size and well lighted (as in London buses).Scrolling  signs are useless as by the time one can read them the bus has already left. The route numbers should be written on the sides also above the entry.
( Needless to say the route numbers should be same both on the front & rear of the bus!).
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Bus Stops

In continuation of my earlier posting-
4. The distance between bus stops is mentioned as >0.5 & <2.0 KM.
If we take into consideration the distance the commuter has to walk from his residence/ work place to the bus route/stop, 2.0 KM between stops is too long, especially for Sr.citizens, women & children, that too at night. The distance should not exceed 0.5- 0.75 KM.
A different category of buses with limited stops can be run, but regular buses should stop at all stops.
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Re: Classification in 'Manaul'

Thanks Nithin,

OK, so what do I replace Civil Engineering with ? I want to keep the same classification, ie geometric design, all other engineering including materials constructions etc, and maybe the non-engineering, ie adminstrative aspect. I think you get the picture since you have been through the doc.



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Re: Bus-stops in Manual

Thanks for the comments KV,

Will add 1 and 2

3 is strictly speaking not a road design issue, more to do with the bus. I didnt want to get in there because it starts becoming too uncontrolled and want to stick with road design aspects. You can ask what Driver training is doing in the road design, maybe it should not be included, but just have to draw the line somewhere.

4. The upper limit is an absolute upper limit, for eg: buses going to the outskirts of Bangalore. But I will add a qualifier in that with your comment


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