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Mad Auto-meters in Mysore

(1) Tempered auto meters in Mysore, and alos in Bangalore:

99.9 per cent of Auto Meters in Mysore are totally tampered.  Citizens are being taken for a ride and Tourists are being fleeced by unscrupulous Automen.  There behavior is atrocious.   When confronted and questioned, the language they use makes us run for cover; particularly women folk are dreading at the thought of getting into Autos. 

If arguments start, the other Auto drivers join in no time and make the commuter's life miserable and even push them around into humiliation.  They have become a rule unto themselves and cops/RTO authorities are turning a blind eye.  Some autos are running with non-re-caliberated meters showing Rs.12 minimum.  These autos charge almost double their tampered meter charges.

Auto users are being subjected to most horrendous experience not only by paying up the money through the tampered meters but also getting screwed with four letter words from these devils in the guise of auto drivers.

Citizens are totally helpless because there is no action to control this menace. Is the law afraid of auto lobby?  Automen have proved that THEY DO NOT POSSESS CORRECT METERS IN THEM.  

Is somebody listening?


Authorities revise the auto fares when fuel prices go up. But they are not prompt in reducing the auto fares when fuel prices are officially reduced.  This is a glaring injustice to the auto users. 

There are 3 types of engines - ones with petrol, others with diesel and many have converted to gas based running.   Rates of these fuels are different.  But auto charges for all the three types of autos are the same. This is not rational and smacks of total negligence in rendering social justice.  In Mysore, we do not see electronic meters even though they are mandatory in most places.  Media has also reported that these electronic meters can also be tampered. 

(3)  NEIGHBORING STATES AUTOS RUNNING IN MYSORE - Rule books prohibit but for a relaxed period they are allowed provided they pay local taxes.  Periods are being totally violated - Is there no control of such out station autos and invariably they come with various number plates for the same Autos (this is to be verified).  This kind of violation is actually helping parallel licensing corrupt route.

Auto users are suffering on all the above three counts. 

Why pass rules and regulations for the welfare of the people when they are not enforced by authorities?

DON'T AUTHORITIES HAVE (correct) METERS to be brought into use by Autos? 

Who is responsible for this kind of negligence?

How long should the citizens continue to suffer?

- Please bring in a semblance of orderliness in the minds of these menacing automen and their mad horse running meters.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath 



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The open secret seems to be the Autos'  benaami owners' links to the powers that be.
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 Dear vasanth,

As i ve read wht u ve said its true . Have u spoken to any union leaders

Regarding  ths issue . Plz reply me ths so tht we will find solution

Hope for the best . Thank you


Usha Kiran
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where do we go?

RTO does not do anything. can not talk directly to auto union also. They always say only some people are bad what do we do sir. Very very urgent problem. in the outer city area, these people just do what they want.
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath's picture

Union leaders are also mostly Automen !!


Suggestions are available in plenty but law enforcement officers with ability to ensure properly running meters and to help the suffering/ harassed auto users are the needs of the hour. We all know they are hand in glove and turn their faces conveniently (question is: are they afraid of Automen Lobby?) when accosted with piquant situations with public. 

Lure of the lucre is making these law men  incompetent (though not all).

If at all the men in authority are serious,


ethically bound by service motto and

worthy of the salt they are eating,

then they must get down to the streets, hire autos, check, book defaulters, suspend their auto license, confiscate driving license, brand them as cheats and put their photos in public places.  Do they have the guts to do these - they have the law in their side and public appreciation will mount and people will start believing their capacity and credibility.

Swamy avare, men in authority should also have proper meters to be daring and dutiful.

- Vasanth Mysoremath comment guidelines

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