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'Prevent Voting' - new criminal political strategy

Candidates are finding dubious means to ensure victory in elections - last assembly elections - a sure shot candidate defeated - another candidate who had no chance at all won with huge margin - How were these managed?

Criminal Strategy: Candidate A has come to know that Candidate B will get more votes from a particular locality -   Candidate A approaches leading supporters of B of that area, strikes a deal,  just before election day, hands over money to prospective voters of B, puts indelible ink (?) on the fingers of voters, collects photo identity cards thus preventing the voter from even going to the booths for exercising their franchise. This method was successfully implemented in areas where poor people, lower middle class and minorities reside.

Source: 15-4-09 page 5

What happens to the EPICs - whether they will be returned to people after the elections are over or results are announced is a matter of investigative journalism/ inquiry from authorities concerned?

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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Is it a new strategy?

Dubious means to power amounting to Crime are not an overnight phenomenon. These kinds of tactics are a way of life in our country for ages. This can be easily prevented if there is a will to change course, at least now.

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