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Guidance for Voters on Election Candidates

Hello Forum,

I wonder if one could direct many of the people like myself with full information to know their candidates better before we go out voting.
I do wonder if a candidate's brief CV is available at a website from something like praja, where in all the essential details is available for the voters. A brief description of the candidate, their education background and what they have achieved( say national/regional awards) in what specific lines, their political agenda, which constituency hey are representing, what they are trying to promise and if they were in reign before, what they achieved then? any warnings, any convictions, reprimands, assets and general image etc...

Please guide if there is already a site which describes everything like this.

The campaigning messages from the candidate itself can be  lot of vote-grabbing hoaxes, and hence it would really mean a lot to have good info from a reliable source.

Thanks in advance


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YES, Praja, along with 

YES, Praja, along with

is interviewing all the LS  candidates standing from the 3 bangalore constitiuencies, right now and will post these interviews along with candidate bio datas on both sites by april 15 latest .

watch this space, and visit



lightness of being
bdonline's picture has a has a nice format. It'd be great if we could have something like that for Bangalore.

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Details about MPs...

Dear Girish

I found the following in  groups-elections section. Try the links noted therein. This has been posted by jennypinto on 24th March 09 and  I have cut and pasted the entire message for your ready reference:


Our friends and election partners at Daksh have sent in a nice consolidated report (attendance, assets, criminal records etc) to help us know our MPs. This report contains:

2009 elections:  Some candidates have filed nominations and some are yet to. 

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pl check out...


pl go to

they are praja partners in the election campaign

by next week all candidate interviews and biodatas will be online

on praja as well



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