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Electronic Voting Machine - better know how it works

Dear All

Most of us know how Electronic Voting Machine works and how we vote - Still it will be better if we could just recollect how it works so that this knowledge may be disseminated to others also:

EVM has two units -


-Control unit and a Ballotting unit - cable wires connected


-Control unit will be with the election official and Ballotting unit will be inside the Voting Compartment


- After your identification is proved, the official will press a button of his control unit and directs you to go to a voting compartment and press ONE blue button on the Ballotting unit


- A small red bulb glows after you have exercised your franchise on the blue button and to indicate your successful voting, a long beep sound is heard


- these simple methods of audio and visual indications assures foolproof voting system by voters


- There will be no facility for invalid votes and one EVM can record 3840 votes / maximum 64 candidates


-by using EVM, all of us become Green Voters because we have taken one step towards preservation and protection of greenery by using paper that is prepared from pulp of wood.




-Vasanth Mysoremath







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 Thanks V Kumar for the

 Thanks V Kumar for the exellant update. It is helpfull. My booth has no criminals BTW.


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Can EVM's be rigged ?

Just read an interesting article where the CEC has ordered an investigation into possible rigging of the election

I always wondered why well developed countries still rely on ballot papers, when they very easily get to EVM's. There must be some solid reasons behind it. The problem is the more the hi-tech, the more hi-tech the  rigging.  More harder to break in. At least theoritically there is not a technology in the world which cannot be broken into. It's just a question of being as smart as the person or organisation which developed the technology. And there can always be the lingering doubt whether the organisation which developed the technology was neutral to begin with

I guess there are no easy answers - but like everything else, this needs more research.


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The Brighter Side.Who cares who is in power.Same medicine

The Gays have it in parliament thanks to the near majority?

Nitin Jhanwar



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Nothing is impossible .. including wifi hacking of EVMs.


Some techies have brains that open up only when faced with challenges that result in destruction - sadism cannot be a sufficent reason.

Possibility: An EVM may be programmed to work exactly according to the requirement of the law of the land, codal provisions, norms, firewalls, public key, private key, shell protection angels etc., upto - say 222 votes are cast, after that the hacked ghost programme may take over and start diverting any depression of the button directly to one favored candidate's account

- writing the programme is an art of software geeks and they know where to put a square/triangle or an arrow in the wrong spot.

- a hacked programme with EVM may be akin to popping up of porno pages while browsing internet in cyber centers?  

Howzaat ?  I am neither a techie nor a hacker please.  I have reported enough fake emails to the (at the cost of foregoing millions of dollars prizes that I have won from all over the world) Cyber Crime handlers who have simply advised me to delete such mails because booking of overseas criminal acts are not within the ambit of ICP - Internet Crime Procedure .. is there something like this in Bharat? 

- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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EVM's Viability? Can 'Online Voting' be the anathema?

It is official - source:

/Political hype bugs anti-EVM Champ/

-  Softwares for EVMs outsourced

-  Softwares are not 'Fort Knox' protected.

-  It is a matter of WYSIWYG


-  Fast track Electoral Reforms and amend Peoples Repn. Act

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