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Capt Gopinath Interview

IDS avare'

The interview excerpts are expected to be put on the net by Monday. Meanwhile, I notice Capt G has himself logged in. Perhaps we may not have to wait for the interview excerpts after all.

Welcome Captain G to Praja!

Muralidhar Rao

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Capt. Independent

I dont see how him standing as an independent is going to help matters. This is a hung assembly already. We need to move towards a 2 party system in this country. Why Bangalore south? and where he would align post polls if he succeeds?

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Captain, without a ship...

I agree with idontspam.  We are already heading for a HUNG PARLIAMENT.  With unabashed and abnoxious party-hopping by various so called 'respected leaders' also, we cannot expect a 'majority voters rule' and shameless acts of horse trading, unholy alliances, 'live-in' arrangements, 20:20 ditching exercises, we will have to wait and watch whether it is worthwhile spending more than 10,000 crores of rupees of public money on such a futile exercise. Where are we heading? Abraham Lincolon was right - Politics is the last resort of scoundrels.

People like Capt.Gopinath, Jaiprakash Narain (AP), Ramesh Ramanathan and others will have to build up their base wider and may be by 2014 AD.

Our political system is suffering from

AIDS -Alarmingly Infected Democratic System

but this AIDS is curable by the

Vote Vaccine by 

Democratic Doctors, the people.  

Vasanth Mysoremath

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Looking for Capital

I agree with both Vasanth & idontspam.

If Capt. Gopinath had this great urge to do something in public life, what has he done as far as social causes are concerned?

From his personal details filed during nomination, we now know where he stays - I see that Capt. Gopinath has not been able to mobilize people enough to get the road opposite his residencei.e. Vittal Mallya road, repaired fully in all these years!!

By the way, why is he not contesting from Bangalore Central where he stays?? is it because the caste & social composition in South is more favourable?? Or because as certain sections have been uncharitably saying that he is has been put up by the CM to bring down the incumbent?

Time will reveal all

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5th front !

Let me not keep you all in too much of a suspense over the interview. Though it was supposed to conform to a set format, Capt G being Capt G, it turned out more or less a free-wheeling discussion, with me not being too effective or even overly inclined to steer the discussion to conform totally to the format.

He came across as a very intense, hard-working and adventurous person - the perfect entrepreneur.

Deviating again from the format, when I raised the specific query as to why he was not doing anything about providing efficient bus services for the common man, after giving him wings, he responded saying that he definitely had it in his mind, and that he will pursue it, whether elected or not. I intend to take him up on that in future.

It is likely that when the interview is eventually published on the net, it may be edited to conform to the format set by SmartVote.

Now, coming to the aspect of his standing as an independent candidate, I think it's a good thing. Whereas, everyone would like a two-party system, I don't think we are going to be having that in this country in the immediate future, certainly not this time around atleast. Under the circumstances, if the present election throws up enough good independent parliamentarians like Capt Gopinath, Ms Sanyal of South Mumbai, Jaiprakash Narayan and his lot of Lok Satta, etc, perhaps they can form a 5th front (4th position has been taken up as of yesterday, I believe, between Laloo, Mulayam and Paswan). And, over the parliamentary term, they can get good people from  other parties - Shashi Taroor, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, etc from Congress; Arun Jaitley, Raman Singh, etc from BJP; entire Biju Janata Dal led by Patnaik; entire JD (U) led by Nitish Kumar; entire National Conference led by Omar Abdullah, etc - to gravitate towards them, and form a truly national party to contest the next Lok Sabha elections.

I don't have much of a hope of anything good happening in this election. So, it's like looking for a silver lining to the dark clouds on the horizon.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Capt. Gopinath

Difficult to understand the cynicism of the Voters!  When we have given all kind of jokers’ chance in all these years, why not vote for Capt. Gopi   once and see what he can do!  At least this should change the trend and encourage  successful people from all walks of life take a plunge in politics and change the adage that politics is the last resort of scoundrels!

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Cynical? me?

Difficult to understand the cynicism of the Voters!

I dont know about the other but wasnt being cynical at all !!! I am just not sure being independent is the answer. We need to strengthen national parties and change their direction. Both Congress and BJP are stuck in the 90's they need new agendas and these are the people who can give that. Could CG have chosen a different constituency with a national party?

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Better People - Better Politics

I dont think it matters much whether CG contests from Bangalore South or Patna Sahib or any other constituency.

It is pleasing to me to see the likes of him, Shashi Taroor, RK Mishra & hopefully many such eminent people plunge into politics.

So far, most politicians were identified with crime, corruption & gerry-mandering. This can only change with better ethics amongst the political classes. At least, there is some hope with many such people diving into the political arena !

It's another matter that we will most likely have a hung parliment, but then that's the way governance has turned into in this country, at least in the short-term ahead.

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Independent power?

 I believe it is time to enforce a law that says parties/candidates have to align to "MANIFESTOS" before the election. This opportunistic horse trading post polls is destructive. It insults the consience of the voters. At least by default independents should be aligned with the party that is ruling the state he/she is contesting from.

What clout and influencing ability does an independent have even if he is elected without a party backing him/her? I am poor in politics do we have examples of really good independents who have raised issues and gotten something done?

On the other hand if a person is not offered a ticket by the party he would like to work with the only option he has to win as an independent and establish his credentials. Parties have these useless long serving workers who jump around for tickets every election even if they have no capability but only money power to buy votes. We need to put candidates thru a constituency quotient to ensure they have the skills to comprehend and campaign for issues affecting their constituency and state.

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Capt. Gopinath

We need to strengthen national parties and change their direction!!!

It is a matter of Record that only a Nehru-Gandhi family member can strengthen Congress!!! As Rahul is yet to be married and god only knows when the next generation Gandhi will arrive on the scene and change the direction!!!

The way the other Gandhi is shaping in the BJP, there is no much hope of a change in the saffron agenda! Unless the stint in Jail makes him any wiser.  Any way no one outside RSS roots has ever reached higher echelons of power in BJP.

Unless, we are ready for a change in our political set up from Westminster type of Government to Presidential system, we cannot hope for an Indian Obama to herald that ubiquitous change in direction.

If an Economist like Dr. Singh can become a congressman and PM or  HDD can become an PM  with miniscule popular support, there is  still hope for Capt. Gopi and his ilk to join the mayhem and set the sail for a new direction.

At least you would not need an operation kamala and foist a re-election if you elect an Independent

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preempt the hanging

At least you would not need an operation kamala

That is a good idea, in fact BJP can start an operation kamala before the elections and avoid a hung parliament.

But seriously, All parties dissapoint me. Their manifestos are cliched and what ever little is concieved or planned will be changed after the horses demand their feed. It will lead to the tragedy of commons in the government. United Regressive Alliance anybody? National Defamatory Alliance sounds better. comment guidelines

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