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Voter ID - Corrections required or not?

Prajagale one question. My voter id has error. Address is not perfect (wrong pin), and name has spelling mistake. I can go vote with this hale Voter ID (used it last year, without problem)? Or we should go for new Voter Id with mistakes corrected?

I think this time also they will allow you to vote without Voter Id, like last time, when people went with passport and all to vote.

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Tricky question

I feel that you can use the old voter ID card since you used the same in the last assembly elections without any problem. However, it is better to get this problem resolved by talking to the concerned officials. I suggest that you visit a Voter Facilitation Center in your area OR go to the ERO's office in your constituency and ask the officer directly.  Address of VFCs and EROs are available on You still have time to get a new voter's id card.

You can also apply for rectification of these errors through Form 004. You will have to submit this at the office of your Electoral Registration Officer (ERO).

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Voter's ID

Dear  Swamy,

As rightly suggested by our friend, you may visit the voter facilitation center of your assembly constituency. They will guide you. In case of problems, call 1077  and lodge a complaint. If still you don't get help, you may call the AERO Ms. Bharati, MCC at 94498.41071. The last resort is my email:

As such, small errors on spelling etc will not cause problems in voting, as long as your photograph and address are correct.

Thanks and regards
Manivannan, DC, Mysore District.


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welcome, Sir!

Dear Mr Manivannan

Pleasant surprise to see you posting on PRAJA. Most welcome, Sir! 

And, I notice you have been a member for over a year. So, you have been tracking us from some time. We are indeed honoured.

In fact, we look forward to the day when all the government officials will feel free to interact with the members of the public through PRAJA.

Sir, with regard to this specific matter, would you like to post your comment on     also.

And, it's not an isolated instance. I'll be adding something more there later today.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Thank you Manivannan sir!

Thumba thanks for taking the time to respond. Other people also said same thing - for simple spelling errors in address or hessaru, there is no need to do anything, we can vote with last year's Voter ID card.

I did not know about 1077. So many help lines like this are there, we people do not know only. comment guidelines

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