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Top issues so far from the election survey

Here is how the top issues look right now (March 4) in the ongoing issue survey. If you haven't fill the survey out yet, please do so ASAP. We'll start our candidate interviews very shortly, so its important to build an "as popular" top issue list as possible.

Local (top 10, in order)

  • Cleaner city with better waste management
  • Water issues - quality and shortage, better groundwater management
  • Air and Noise pollution
  • Urban governance reforms - real autonomy for Bangalore
  • More/better parks and lakes for the city
  • Issues of Urban poor, Slum improvements
  • Friendly facilities/infrastructure for the differently-abled people
  • Commuter Rail Service for Bangalore
  • Fast-tracking and more central support for Metro Rail
  • More high speed roads/expressways in and around the city

State Level (top 5)

  • Police Reforms - remove political interference, grievance process for citizens etc
  • More powers to Lokayukta of Karnataka
  • Investments for tier2/3 cities for growth of state and de-congestion of Bangalore
  • Communalism and intolerance to attacks on freedom
  • Better railways infrastructure within Karnataka

National Level (top 5)

  • Preventing criminals from running elections or becoming ministers
  • Corruption - support for things like amendment of Prevention of corruption act
  • Judicial reforms - more courts, faster justice etc
  • Security and Terrorism - issues like National ID card, POTA
  • Greener India
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Poll Issues for State, Voters' Id

The poll issues for voters in Karnataka and Bangalore are the same as the rest of India -- governance reforms, of making the government more accountable to challenges and problems of economic growth and security facing our nation and people.

We also prefer a government that will accelerate devolution of financial powers to states, & one that will give Bangalore special status and investments like Mumbai.



I just got my latest voter's id (the previous had errors). The process has been somewhat streamlined now & I got done at the BBMP office in 15 minutes flat !

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Hung parliment ?

Looks like the prospects of a hung parliment just got better with the breakup of BJP & BJD in Orissa. A third alliance is also looming large to split the verdict further & ensure this.

With so many regional parties, it sure looks like we are going to have a govt without any teeth & always under surgery, assuming of course that a party can form a govt at the centre, amidst all the horse-trading that is in the offing !

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Pulling teeth

This issue is like pulling teeth or teaching mathematics to school children. We need to find a way to get people to be more interested in the outcomes of issues and elections. I believe putting our list to the candidates will make them aware of our priorities. It may look like a hopeless task but once the candidates are engaged they will definitely take action. Candidates today are far better than the yesteryears. They know with the kind of information sharing that happens today thru visual media and internet they have no place to hide.

We have to demand accountability else we cant blame them. Especially when they are publically asking for us to participate in governance.

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Vote Today Or ...


How True, Indeed !

All the more reason why we must take much more interest in politics & elections & exercise our rights to vote.

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Encouraging trend!

 It was very heartening to read a news item that major muslim scholars have openly came out to exhort the muslim community for voting. What is more complelling is the statements like "...Voting is a fundamental right. It must be exercised by every Muslims.It is their responsibility. If someone is not voting then he or she is doing wrong," 


 I sincerely hope muslims step out and vote sensibly and breakaway from the vote bank shackles.

P. S. Lets treat the message only in the context of encourgaing people to go out and vote

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Post Election Data and electoral reforms needed?

I have been reading a for a while various posts in Praja.Today I took a plunge.
With the news of hung Parliament looming large, all the more important for educated young people 
to go and vote.Recently CEC of India, while at Christ College gave some interesting thoughts on 
elections in India.
To me, it looks like we need electoral reforms from elections to elections in much larger scale 
than it is today. As we spend 15000 cr plus for these every in 5 years(sometimes before that),
there is need to check how this is spent and for what cause. We hear % of voting after the elections too.
Is there a break up of these % in educated or veterans or or any other classification apart from men and women?  
Secondly why not all people vote inspite of that it is most places it is declared holiday on day 
of polling.There may be various reasons for it.  Based on this data,comminssion should publish the list of voters
who have NOT voted.I am not aware of it is done. After that election commission could even FINE/penalise those
who have not voted. I would say fine should be atleast 1000, and linked to inflation of the year. Those who 
promoptly vote, do not lose anything, but those do not,will have to pay. At least by this we can 
get people to vote and partly recover the money spent.
Apart from this, I want to take a cue from people who voted during the time when it was hung 
parliament in the recent past. What do veterans who have seen this choose among these things is 
important when making a choice?
1) Primeminister
Clean and able prime minister is a must to represrent a big nation.Is it hard to guess among 
those are in runup for PM now?
2) Multi-Party coalition
Stability is of more concern given the economic scenario now.
3) State to Central govt of the same party
It has happened in the past, when central and state govts are different,state will get a 
step-motherly treatment.
4) Go by what party manifestos and later when it was tailored to coalition something else? Is it 
still a coalition manifesto? Recently we saw a lots of govt advertisements before the election 
and any other points.

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Delimitation report

Thought this will be a good reference to have.

Here is the representation of the same on a map.

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Conversation highlights

I had an interesting discussion offline with a friend. A couple of interesting thoughts I have tried to summarize below

How does going out in numbers and voting going to change the issues on the ground?

The demographics of the voting population matters. Political parties do conduct analysis by constituency as to what type of people are voting. Winnability is important for parties. They will field appropriate candidates who can connect at that level and hold intelligent discussions with the people they engage. If they find a large section of educated middle class voting they will raise appropriate topics during the election.

Why does it help to engage with the candidates? If the candidate has already been decided and the choice I have is between a couple of thugs what good will it do?

Atleast we will get to know what the views of the person are and can expect how he will perform. We will also need to form our post election strategies on how to engage with the thug we voted to further our needs. We also need to let the parties know how we like their choice of candidates. The only way bad candidates thrive is if they can split the voters and target their lobbyists and support group. It is important for citizens to come together and present a united face.

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Good one

Go by what party manifestos and later when it was tailored to coalition something else?

I like this one. After all the careful checking of manifesto etc we find out the coliation govt junks all strategic stuff and goes on a tactical mode based on pulls and pressures. So what exactly did we vote for?

Why do we have hung parliaments? are we so divided on issues? Is there no clear differentiators between the parties? Is everybody claiming to the do the same things? So whoever comes we will do only what will be done? What are we getting sold on? comment guidelines

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