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Spot the number of wrongs

Spot the number of wrongs in this scene

The perils of picking a quarrel with a BMTC driver came home powerfully to a youth here on Wednesday afternoon as he not only received a mouthful abuses from the driver but was soundly thrashed by the police... complete the reading at Police assault youth for traffic hold-up

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'did not lodge a complaint'

Interestingly, saw another report on TOI today (just a pic and a caption), which went like this.

A BMTC bus ran into a Car, causing a pile up like situation (car rammed into more vehicles). The car was badly damaged, all other vehicles were okay. But the police did not register anything against the BMTC driver as the car driver opted not to lodge a formal complaint.

It teased me a bit - why did the driver not lodge a complaint? Must be either for insurance reasons, or .... !?

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Some wrongs I noticed

  1. Not providing right of way for PT
  2. Picking up a fight with PT driver
  3. Cops getting physical

What would have helped is if there was a Bus priority lane marked. It will be easy to determine who should be where. It is possible the BMTC was cutting off the Car dangerously. comment guidelines

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