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Baner Road - Safety concern

Tried to post this concern in the 'suggestion' portal of Pune Traffic Police, but apparently it is not functional. Was wondering if there is some one in Praja team who is in touch with Pune Traffic police on Safety issues ?

There is a water pipe line on the University-Baner road close to NCL housing colony gate and almost opposite the National Housing Society gate. Due to road expansion the pipeline is now well within the road width. With increase in traffic and especially during night this can be dangerous to vehicles moving on the left most track towards Baner.

Since shifting the pipe may not be easy, what could be done is to immediately apply a flourescent paint on the pipe line and perhaps try to instal a warning light.

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no helpline or contact phone number?

I remember my Pune friends telling me that their is a phone number to call and tell these complaints and suggestions. Are you sure there are no phone numbers on their website?

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Become a SpARCs Citizen Leader to make our roads safer

Dear friends
India as a country is moving towards a glorious future.Road safety is one of the key obstacle in this growth path.
  • The World Bank estimates that every year road accidents cost India about 3 per cent of its gross domestic product which was more than $1 trillion in 2007
  • Road accidents could become the No. 3 public health issue in India by 2020, overtaking such deadly diseases as tuberculosis and AIDS, the World Bank predicts.
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Anshumaan bajpai
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better Pune safer Pune

I want some info on EWaste disposal &handling in PUNE. Can some paja from Pune enlighten me. comment guidelines

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