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Metro Phase 1 extension approved

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Noticed one Bangalore Metro news - phase one extension was approved. From Deccan Herald:



"The Centre on Friday approved the extension of the Metro rail project in Bangalore for another 9 kilometres at a cost of Rs 1,763 crore. A meeting chaired by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukerjee approved the extension of metro rail from Yeshwanthpur to Hesaraghatta Cross (northern corridor) covering a distance of 5.6 km. In the southern corridor, the Metro would be extended by 3.7 km from R V Road terminal to Puttenhalli Cross."

Rs 1763 crores for 9 km!! Slrup slurp.


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What about Phase 2 ??

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The approval for phase 1 extension was done by GoK long time ago, now it is approved by GoI(read it as empowered commitee)
This cost 1700+ cr appears to include the stations,as these sections is elevated sections and it cannot be too higher than rest
of elevated sections factoring in the inflation.

1. From RV road terminal to Puttenahalli means is it upto the PRR?
But CTTP 2007 it was 10 kms stretch but now it seems that it is 3.7 Kms.

2. Yeshwantput to hesarghatta cross is 5.6 Kms. As against CTTP which recommended metro upto Peenya, now they have extended it upto Hesaraghatta cross.

3 .What is also suggested in CTTP 2007, is the extension from Baiyyappanahalli to Benniganahalli in Phase 1 itself.
This seems not decided yet.

4. Recently I remembered CM Yediyurappa "promised" mysore road terminal extension upto Kengeri.This wasn't recommended in CTTP though and still go through approvals by several agencies.

Since Rites is themselves in the general consultants for Metro, they may have noted this change.
Also I noticed that Monorail project does not seem to start? who is agency/dept that takes up this if it is not BMRC?
ABIDe plans seem to be for short term with BRT and HOHO etc...but do they have started something on Monorail too?
There is no mention of Phase 2 of metro in the newsletter released yesterday.
It was also in the reports that Phase 2 also approved by GoK longtime ago.
Isn't it time to track Phase 2 considering the "aprovals" by different agencies and long land acquisitions? Any thoughts on that?

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what is the route?

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Has the route for the extension also finalized?
How far on the Nanda road does the metro go to get onto the Kanakapura road?
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It goes down Nanda Road, then right turn towards Sangam Circle then onto Banshankari temple and then left down to Jaraganahalli and then terminates somewhere near Metro Cash and Carry.  Could be wrong about the last bit - might terminate a bit earlier.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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metro north south extension maps.

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The maps for Bengaluru metro North south extension are put in their website. Lots of people living adjacent to kanakapura road will be losing land. Though its a right way forward to decongest these areas, the project may get mired with litigations and get delayed. We need services of DMRC chief E. Sreedharan to progress through obstacles. Please share any other info about metro stations coming along this line. I hope it is integrated with bus terminals by subway and has good parking space.
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Strike while the iron is hot

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The Metro will (hopefully) integrate with the BMTC bus terminus at Banashankari. But I couldn't understand the logic of taking it upto Puttenahalli Cross. Puttenahalli Cross is a densely congested intersection, surrounded by commercial establishments and will probably be subject to the litigation that bcsagar pointed out.
A better option would be to terminate the Metro at Jarganahalli (about 0.5 km before Puttenahalli Cross). On the right hand side (while driving towards Kanakapura), there is a massive open space (must be 3-4 acres) which has been lying unused for years. Not sure if it is govt. land or not. In any case, BMRCL should consider acquiring it (before any construction comes up) and construct their terminal there. There is plenty of land for a terminal as well as a multistoreyed parking lot and a feeder bus bay etc.
BMRCL should seriously consider this aspect. Feeder buses should connect to the nearby suburbs such as J.P. Nagar 7th & 8th Phase, Anjanapura, Konakunte etc. And last but certainly not the least, there MUST be connectivity between BMRC and BMTC at Banashankari.
Manish, Nagarbhavi.


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