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KRV and some recent media reports

Do we need any organization to "fight" or "stand up" for the rights of citizens, or for a "language" and other cultural issues in a democracy? Well, i defintely don't think we need organizations that add to the problem. We definitely need organizations like NGOs that perhaps help people in need during natural calamities, help the poor to improve their living conditions, organizations can help poor people (who cannot afford lawyers) with free legal counsel in case or court cases  and the list of ways people can be helped goes on and on. Moreover if some organizations are interested in culture or language they are welcome to hold competitions/dramas/concerts/plays/skits/food festivals of good quality and people will automatically flock to such events - where is the necessity to "protest" or "fight" and have to paint another language/culture/ethnicity in bad light and try to ban other such activity?

Please read further the following facts presented from various media sources and make your own intperpretations. If it considered agains praja guidelines to present these facts then I would consider this anothe classic case of an organization telling us what to do or not to do using strong arm tactics much like what we are about to read in the links below -

No issues here -

They seem to be doing something good here by training students; but note the last sentence in this article where they reportedly attacked an IT firm

KRV tries threatens to disrupt operations of BIA, arrested for violating prohibitory orders -

I would suggest that any group including KRV pursue such a request through legal means via a formal request via the government and if it still doesn't work out they are welcome to protest in a non violent way without causing inconvenience to the public. They are welcome to organize an event and make people aware of why the airport should be named the way they think it should be named.
More instances of agitation-

KRV tries to barge into multiplex. I respectfully ask everybody, who is anybody to prevent me as a citizen from watching a movie in a language of my choice? Is this rakshane? Is this protecting a language by banning other languages? - http://www.indiantelevisi...

If they want to enforce a rule let them take democratic means and file a court case. I request them not to threaten any backlash http://entertainment.onei...

Again, infringing on fundamental rights in the name of "protecting" kannada -

Again, violence and hooliganism -

Here is an excerpt from the above article - "In retaliation to the attacks on Karnataka-based institutions in Maharashtra, activists of the Kannada Rakshana Vedike (Narayana Gowda faction) hurled stones at two branches — in Gandhi Bazaar and Gandhinagar — the Bank of Maharashtra here on Thursday."

Stopping trains and causing public inconvenience

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Pro-Kannada bodies flay Sene

Reproduced below is the full text of the article that has appeared in today's TOI (page4):

Even Lord Sri Rama will be ashamed to know the act carried out by Sri Rama Sene. If it (Sene) is concerned about women, let them build toilets in rural areas, where women till today have to wait for sunset to answer nature’s call...’’ was the advice of Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha president Vatal Nagaraj.

Like him, others have slammed Sene’s hooliganism and the list is growing. Pro-Kannada organizations have joined this category to totally condemn the incident, and most have termed it barbaric.

Most vocal was Vatal, who held a protest in the city on Wednesday to condemn the incident in Mangalore. "It is inhuman. Not even animals will indulge in such barbaric behaviour. Our culture respects women. I am afraid that if the government fails to put the brakes, we will surely head towards Talibalization. The situation may arise where citizens have to take permission from SRS to conduct weddings...’’

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike state chief T A Narayana Gowda said "I want to know why they attacked women in the name of culture. If it feels girls were indulging in ‘obscene’ acts, there are various forums to take up the issue’’ he said.

Dismissing allegations that KRV was involved in a few attacks on late-night parties in Magadi and a star hotel in Bangalore, Gowda said the Vedike would not encourage such acts. "These (parties) are purely personal issues’’

Jai Karnataka, another pro-Kannada organization, came down heavily on the attack. "If the pub-going culture is wrong, the girls’ parents will question them. Who are these people to attack women?" founder-president N Muthappa Rai said.

Manjunath Deva and Kannada Somu, Kannada Jagruti Vedike’s president and general secretary, echoed similar views.
Former MLA and general secretary of Vishwa Kannadigara Vedike P S Prakash also expressed anguish. "We respect and love our culture and tradition. But beating women in public is not acceptable’’.

This outlook is indeed refreshing. If they are beginning to talk this language, I would also like to jion the dialogue with them. Meanwhile, can we now expect these organisations to take the next step towards making positive contributions to the society at large. To begin with, how about  
1) demanding display of vehicle registration number boards strictly as per the M V Act in view of the increasing deteriorating security scenario?
2) like-wise, demanding display of BMTC's destination boards in English also, in the interests of visitors to the city, as also in the overall interest of the BMTC itself?
3) and, quite like the DMK did in Chennai, during the mayorship of Stalin, dismantling all the flag-poles and pedestals erected on footpaths all across the city?

These are the areas where Karnataka needs "rakshane'" more urgently. When I raised these questions earlier, I didn't get a response.

Muralidhar Rao


Muralidhar Rao
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Few more "facts" ...

Assault on Belgaum Mayor;
On Nov 11, 2005, KRV activists resorted to daubing Belgaum Mayor Vijay More and tearing his shirt

Pics of KRV's rampage and threat to burn down buses;

Attack and ransacking of all india radio; comment guidelines

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