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Fight to save Pune Green Cover & Public Spaces - Last date for sending objections 02 Dec 08

In late 90s, Pune city limits were expanded by including 23 fringe villages within corporation bounds. As per law, these new areas needed to have a development plan. The intent was to allow development to happen even on hills. Shockingly, despite the vehement protests by citizens in 1997, the City Improvement Committee (CIC) in its wisdom, recommended residential use of hills and hilltops with a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 0.04. The General Body (GB) of the PMC went one step further to help the builder lobby by magnanimously hiking it to 0.08 FSI. In 2002, nearly 80,000 Puneites raised objections to the state government's proposals. Under public pressure, in 2005,  the planning committee spearheaded by Aneeta Benninger put its heads together and for the first time in the history of Pune, presented a Green DP reserving hills for bio-diversity park, chalking green belts along river banks, forbidding town planning schemes in agricultural zones and restricting constructions in water scarcity zones by limiting the permissible floor space index (FSI) to 0.33. The DP also suggested otta vegetable and fruit markets in five neighbourhoods and other public amenities to make every neighbourhood, a self-sufficient one. Thus, for the nearly one lakh residents of the 23 fringe villages, it was to be a dream come true.


As per law the development plan has to be submitted to State Government for final approval. 3 years on, the state government last month, on August 13, issued two notifications for the DP Plan of Baner-Balewadi villages. One notification has proposed 20 areas which were chalked out for public amenities like schools, playgrounds, roads, public gardens, other public amenities and even a plot reserved for fire brigade to be converted into residential zones without giving reasons. 

For complete story, read the editorial in Intelligent Pune

The proposed changes are now publised and open for public consultation, suggestions and objections.

The Green Pune Movement, has made available a covering letter with a draft of suggestions & objections as well as a map for scrutiny.

Anyone even remotely connected with Pune even if living outside Pune can file their objections. Evenm those not connected with Pune need to consider offering their support to the cause of city / town planning,  this is vital as the story is likely to repaet itself many times over acorss other states and cities in India.

The timing of the entire matter is worth noting. The State Govt sat on the submitted Development Plan for 3 years. There are 9 DP plans covering the 23 villages, but the axe has fallen on Baner-Balewadi first. It is not a surprise as the Youth Common Wealth Games has brought these two villages to the fore and much is at stake for those wanting to make money through real estate. 

Please send your objections as a hard copy to the Green Pune Movement - 304 Narayan Peth, Pune-411030 Tel: 24441666, 24441777. email: 

Note: Multiple people may sign as a group, but for signatures to be valid, personal details need to be provided. You may change or draft your own set of objections and suggestions (the link to the objections suggestions above may be used as is and is provided with the intent of saving time)

Core members of the `Green Pune Movement' -

Vandana Chavan (ex-Pune Mayor) , Aneeta Benninger (Town Planner), Vinita Deshmukh (editor Intelligent Pune), Rajiv Raje (Architect), Satish Khot . Vijay Kumbhar, Sujit Patwardhan
Technical aspect looked after by Vandana, Aneeta, Rajiv and Sujit
Right to Information aspect looked after by: Vijay Kumbhar

Outreach and mass communication by: Vinita and Satish

For more information - Please contact by email or

Requesting support from one and all (please also help spread the word).

Remember last date for filing objections is 2nd Dec 08


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Last date 1 Dec not 2 Dec

Hi ASJ and all - Just want to point out that the last date for filing objections and suggestions is 1 Dec not 2 Dec. More info on the Baner Balewadi DP and changes etc at http://government.wikia.c... Pictures of some of the proposed land uses changed by State Govt at Sanskriti comment guidelines

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