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AAI employees to go on strike...

In BIAL discussions, there were arguments and counter arguments about BIAL getting monoply status and holding Bangalore avaition hostage etc. There is a news item from "The Hindu" about strike from AAI employees. Is it OK for AAI employees to go on a strike even if it at comes with passenger incovenience and air travellers being held hostage ? I would really look forward to comments/reactions from Praja members on this issue.

Courstey - The Hindu (

AAI employees to go on strike tomorrow

New Delhi (PTI): Air-travellers at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here may have to face some problems tomorrow as the airport authority employees will be on a 12-hour strike.

"Airport Authority Employees' Union (AAEU) has decided to join the general strike called by the Combined Public Sector Trade Union (CPSTU) on August 20 in support of the longstanding demands of the union," AAEU general secretary M K Ghoshal said.

The general strike has been called by the Left-affiliated trade unions of public sector units across the nation to protest anti-labour policies of the government and rising inflation.

Services like housekeeping, including sanitation engineering, civil and fire are likely to be affected as all AAI staffs of these department will be on a 12-hour strike starting from 7 am.

The AAEU demands include no privatisation or leasing out of AAI airports, opening of commercial operations at Hyderabad and Bangalore airports, to ensure the job security of AAI employees in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Nagpur.

The other demands include filling of vacant posts, regularisation of casual or contractual labours and also the AAI employees must be allowed to continue at their respective units or airports.


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Public Monopoly.....

Welcome to public monoply.

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2. Airport workers' strike affects Delhi, Kolkata flights

3. India Strike Disrupts Flights, Banks, Train Services

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Fire these AAI employees

We should fire all these AAI employees, just like how Reagan did. Get rid of this monopoly for good! comment guidelines

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