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"Seven-days notice to the Airlift for full compensation"

To: The AIRLIFT #106, Sherwood Suites,17/2 Varthur Main Road, Marathahalli,Bangalore 560 037, Phone : 97313 96331, Booking webpage:

Merchant Site URL :
Order Number: 8b9fbf6f81 Order Received: Jul 15, 2008
Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 337.08"

"Dear Airliftonline,
Please consider this as a pre-legal and final formal notice through this online forum.
The details as follows:
I booked for Airlift service well before 6 hours of my flight time. As per your confirmation message, the pick up point was Nilgiri, Bellandur, Sarajapur ORR, and the pick up time was 13:22, 15 July 2008. Though I waited and waited, the Airlift service never reached me.

Around 10AM, I booked for the Airlift service after making the full payment + Tax using my credit card. I got a confirmation email. Around 11AM 15 July, I was informed of the driver's (Murgesh's) mobile no(09731304951) by the Airlift executives. I have done about 90 phone calls to the airlift call centre and the driver Murgesh during 13:00hrs and 16:30hrs. Usually they don't pick up the phone (+91-98450 47788, +91-80-4052 8888, +91 9731396331). If somehow an executive was kind enough to say "hello", they kept me hanging (saying that they are checking the status) till the line gets disconnected. When I contacted the driver "Murgesh", he kept me informing for about two and half hours that he was on the way and reaching my residence in next 5/10 minutes to pick me up. However, Murgesh informed me at 15:50 without mentioning any reason that he was not coming to pick me up. After that when I tried to contact the Airlift call centre with much difficulty, no one gave any satisfactory answer. To name a few executives of the Airlift call centre - Syed, Faiyaz, Fied - who received my calls multiple times and kept me hanging deliberately till the calls got disconnected. They didn't even give any information about their operational office nor any information about the chief of this Airlift operation (loyal executives!).

As a result, not only I missed my flight, I suffered a great professional loss not amounting to even INR One Hundred thousand.

Around 18:00hrs, 15July2008 somehow I was able to reach over the phone to the official named Mayank (who claims to be the CEO) of the Airlift company. Instead of listening to my plight solely caused by the irresponsible Airlift company, Mr. Mayank gave some unprofessional and aggresive explanations over phone saying that he himself was calling me since morning and I was not reachable. First of all, I booked for the Airlift service around 10:00AM. And I was using my mobile as well as my landline phone to call their mobile and landline. I had a feeling that some of them were just disconnecting the ringed called after watching my number. My question is: Does this so-called CEO Mayank calls each and every customer after every booking ?

After a long argument over phone, the so-called CEO Mr. Mayank finally told me on 15th July 2008 to get back to me regarding this issue. He never called back even 7 days already passed.

I hereby claim the full compensation of the loss that I suffered due to the negligence of the irresponsible executives of the Airlift and partly due to the negligence of the regulatory authority the Public/Private Transport service of the City.


If I don't hear from the AIrlift within next seven days, I will take shelter of the CONSUMER COURT, no doubt. (Please note that the names of the executives and the exact time of the calls will be produced at the court. Simultaneously, I was using my mobile as well as my landline to contact the Airlift. I have requested the my Telephone service providers to get all the details of these calls I made (time and duration of received calls, hang up calls, not answered after ringing and busy sessions, etc). I am in possession of all other proofs.)"

Thanks Airlift,

PS: Since the Airlift didn't respond to numerous phone calls, emails and written complaints, I choose to give a formal notice to the Airlift.
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the small print...

Did you by any chance on the website while booking Agree to the "Terms and Conditions."? That could be a loophole for them to counter attack.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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Named parties

Dear rkm,

Sorry to hear about your experience. I have heard good as well as a few bad experiences with airlift right here on this forum. Hope you will keep us posted on this. One point of curiosity though. You have named following parties to be responsible for your loss:

... irresponsible executives of the Airlift and partly due to the negligence of the regulatory authority the Public/Private Transport service of the City.

To those who are knowledgable on the subject, who would be the "regulatory authority" here? Who grants licenses to airlft and the likes, and who sets operating norms for them?

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Be Aware Airlift shared Passengers to BIAL

[rkm, moved your other forum topic as a comment here, not advisable to create multiple threads for same issue {blr_editor}]

Be ready to suffer a HEAVY loss of financial, professional and mental energy if you wish to be lifted by Airlift to BIAL.

If you are fascinated

-by the colorful homepage of the Airlift at http://www.airliftonline.... , or

-by the sweet lines of admiration by the daily newspaper, or

-by the fact like cheapest price in luxury cab

and finally if you are inclined to be airlifted by the so-called "Auto Pilots" , check your wallet first if you have enough. Simply because, there is a high chance that you will be in need of a substantial amount of money for booking another flight for your destination. There is also a good chance of missing your flight, and loosing not just what you pay for the Airlift service, but also for your already booked airticket which is going to be a no-show soon.

Not only the Airlift take the amount in advance, they never respond to any sort of further communication after the payment is made. If someone calls the Airlift at +91-80-4052 8888 they will realize how prompt the people over there. Even the so-called CEO of the company (who introduced me as Mayank at 17:45hrs on 15thJuly2008) tells as clear lie as his Auto Pilot named "Murgesh" and the call centre executives named "Syed", and others. I have gathered the evidences and going to knock the door of the Consumer Forum soon.

Keep all receipts safe

The burden of proof is on the aggrieved consumer. Therefore, I would advise you to keep all the proof that you have. Remember to engage a good lawyer and file a cavaet in the court after you obtain a ruling. This will prevent Airlift from dragging the case further.
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An online posting means nothing

Dear RKM

I fully empathise with you. If you want to slam AirLift, fine. Post your plight online for us to read, but, it does not serve as a notice. Please prepare a letter and send it via Registered Post Ack Due. NO courier. Only Indian Postal Service is accepted as a proof of delivery.

Alternately an e-mail, WITH a receipt. Something that you can use as proof of delivery.



Devesh R. Agarwal

Visit my aviation blog at

Bangalore Aviation
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