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This morning on Mysore Road

I’m new to Praja and this is my first post. My apologies if I managed to mess things up posting this. Ha, and thanks to folks who were so cordial at the TWG meeting on Saturday!

Travelling this morning on Mysore Road, got caught in a big mess. Unusual that early in the morning. Cause: Vrushabhavati Drain at the ORR junction obviously overflowed after rains last night. Intersection was full of a grand mixture of mud, litter and water. Crews were trying to clean up in the middle of the traffic. And that too with their hands! Not a single clean-up machine at work.

 >  Does anyone know if BBMP ever thought of implementing an after-the-rains-continegency-plan?

 >  Assuming there is one, does it call for starting cleanup around 8am next morning? :(

First off, it is such a hazard for those working in the middle of the intersection. And it is such a nuisance to the traffic, when it is already so bad. In my mind, I’d plan for either

 > Clean-up overnight, or real early AM, if manual labor is all that is available

 > Clean-up using some machinery quickly so it won’t result in a perennial traffic mess

Or better still; take the third option and clean-up drains so this won’t ever happen. But even in such an ideal case, a contingency plan has to be put in place.

I have seen crew sweeping the roads in the middle of the traffic creating a big mess behind them, but that is fodder for a separate post I guess.



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drain remodelling work on

I understand the problem you would have faced on that road today morning..I saw huge delays and piled up traffic all the way upto sirsi circle..however I was on the other lane moving into the city..

Actually the vrushabhavati valley is undergoing remodelling work and if you see closely to the right while going towards will see construction happening..there are heavy machinery there..I wonder why they did not use that for clearing the roads..its just sheer lack of management

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I saw the flood approaching on Vrishabhavathi on Sunday Night

Sunday night I got down at Nayandahalli after having travelled from Mysore by Bus. My house is just 2 kms from Nayandahalli at Kattriguppe and autodrivers demanded 150 rupees just for 2 kms (bus ticket from Mysore was 75 rupees for 140 kms!!). It was raining heavily and I thought its not safe also to travel in Auto in heavy rain despite of paying huge amount. BMTC bus turned up within 15 minutes and I was glad for BMTC at that time. Busfare was just 5 rupees. In our next bus stop, just at the entrance of ring road, our bus was standing on the vrishabavathi bridge. There is a bus stop on this bridge!!. Huge floods was coming towards the bridge. Everyone standing on the bus stop got into the bus and shouted the driver to rush. As soon as our bus left the bus stop, flood water came on the ring road covering the road.

A redesign of ring road and Mysore road is needed at Nayandahalli Junction. There is a steep down of the ring road towards Nayandahalli signal and the spot of Vrishabavathi bridge. Also Mysore road from Mysore direction also slopes down as well as Mysore road from BHEL side.  This is a 3 road traffic junction with down from all the 3 directions. To prevent the flood water entering the road ad causing traffic distruction, roads in all 3 directions needs to be heightened. This is a common problem that occurs after every heavy rain. comment guidelines

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