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Joints on KR Market Flyover

[We get a good number of emails like these, just goes to show the need for a complaints system. This one is for BBMP, mailed in by Mr Shenoy (full name withheld for privacy reasons)]

Dear Sir,

I am a regular traveler by two wheeler on K.R.Market Flyover.

The joints of the flyover when you travel from Sirsi Circle to Market are badly damaged posing serious threat to the life of two wheeler riders.

I was happy on 12.07.2008 when I found that the the damaged joints are tarred.

But the quality of the work is so poor that the patch work done on 12th is totally gone by 14th making the situation still worse. The contractor might have taken the money for this work and swallowed the same.

I request you to look in to this immediately and get the joints filled with cement which last long. Your early action is highly appreciated.



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BBMP - still no regular complaints system

"... the patch work done on 12th is totally gone by 14th making the situation still worse."

2.5 years after it promised to have one, BBMP's website has no organized grievance system, it only has email addresses for complaints and suggestions. I have mailed it to them. (find those email addresses on this page - BBMP Suggestions)

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saving money

Mysore road flyover was done by L&T and they offered to maintain it too. But govt. wanted to save money on it and wanted to do somethings on their own. They have asphalted the joints which are meant to be flexible links(the original being rubber)..

 so naturally when there the joints are made rigid by tar..the vibrations from underneath will unsettle the tar..and this has what has happened..all it needs is to get the maintenance done by L&T or the BBMP can rework from the base completely so that the joints can sustain..

expected the new govt to do better..but instead they have gone ahead and put a hump on that flyoevr..another first in the world!

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Save money! I hope trying

Save money!

I hope trying to save money, these guys don't end up messing with the flyover structure. Flexible joints are there becuase they ARE needed, and asphalt isn't that  'flexible'. One such joint they recently filled was atleast 8 inches tall creating a speed-breaker on top of the flyover!

Saw this on BBMP website.

Receipt of tender was supposed to be Nov '07. Wonder how much they paid to 'fill' the cracks.


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