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Can we change to electric

Petrol prices are soaring above the roof. We are also facing a huge problem with refuelling Petrol during these crunch times. Improvement in the public tranport is not going to be soon, i would alteast expect couple of years for the public transport to pull themselves up and provide some decent public transport. We have a grt responsibility to save fuel. As estimated there are around 1 lakh two wheelers in bangalore. If each vehicle consumes 1 lt of petrol each day then it amounts to total of 1 lakh litres of petrol. i.e. 1 lakhs * 60 = 60 lakhs/per day. (+ pollution) Looks too huge right. This is the cost of normal person going to office everyday and comming back with an average office distance of 20 ~ 30 kms commuting. If people switch over to electric bikes, not only they will be doing a huge favour to this MOTHER EARTH by reduing pollution but also they will be saving a huge amount of petrol which can used effectively for transportation and reduce the demand for the petrol, hence reducing the prices. I feel it is the duty of educated people to spread the awareness to use electric scooters. So pls convey as many as people to purchase electric scooters as their next vehicle. For your information here are one of the elctric scooters address (Yo Bikes), i think you can find more information on net. REVA is already there in the market. If GOVT subsidises electric vehicles, it encourages people to purchase more of these. Tradewind Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd. Contact Person :: Mr. H.S. Rajamohan #3/3-1, S. Kariyappa Road, Nr. Krishna Rao Park, Gunasheela Nursing Home, Basavanagudi Bangalore - 560 004 Karnataka India Phone : (080) 41637605 Mobile : 09980357161 Email : http://www.induselectrans... (PS: By the way i am not the representative of any electric scooters or electric car company, just want to repeat and spread awareness.) Cheers !!!!!!! Bangalorean
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shortage of information

Good you started this. I want to buy a elec scooter. But so little info on net or in papers. want to know more about them - real cost, battery replacement - can be done at home, or have to go to dealer?

Can scooter dealers or owners write here please. will help them and also us.

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Electric scooter/car

I have been looking for one too.. I checked out the reva and is too expensive. It needs lots of subsidies to make it attractive enough. I also feel its fit and finish could be improved. Though there are methods to keep costs low and still improve fit and finish I will assume Reva makers think otherwise. The new Revai covers more distance but has made the car even more expensive. I believe this car or anyother alternate fuel car's success will be if they can bring the market price down to competitive levels.

Regarding electric scooters... speed <25kmph (under test conditions?) might make people restrict usage to campuses.

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Electric scooter

I checked with one of the persons who is using Yo Bikes. He says that his configuration is the highest level. He had payed around 32K couple of years back. According to him, he is using the vehicle from past 2 yrs and has done battery replacement once at 17,000 Kms. It costed him Rs.6000 for a battery replacement. And comming to the mileage he says that with 65Kgs of payload you will get around 60Kms and if the payload is 120Kg (2 persons) then the mileage reduces to arond 40-50 Kms. So looks to me as decent bike and good for office goers. He said that you can go the place above and take a test ride. He says he has saved a lot of money on petrol last couple of years. You know it.......
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remember 'vidhyuth'?

Not sure if I got the name correct..but this electric bike was pioneered in Bangalore..21 years ago! It used to have a huge car battery..and took whole night to charge!

The biggest problem was the weight of this bike because of the battery..and the risk of batteries getting stolen! The same continues today too, I suppose..the batteries are lighter and more powerful now..but not as light..still its a good option..

They are coming out with li-ion batteries for vehicles..which will be light and inturn increase the mileage..then one day we might be tacking a problem of disposing of dead batteries..but thats still long way off!

Litec alliance has come with new battery tech which solves all major problems with current li-ion batteries..this could be the way to go for the future..

Meanwhile even Hanumanthanagar has a few battery driven 2 wheelers already..good sign!

Not just Yo! but Hero and TVS too have come with their versions!

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Bangalore's electric history

Bangalore seems to be having a good mix of EV companies from Yo to Reva. If the supporting ancilliary industries were encouraged with sops I am sure the city can evolve into an EV/Alternative Fuel Technology (AFT) hub. Hope somebody in power can take note of this.

 Reva had a plan to incorporate Li-Ion batteries in its cars to get 250KM total miles. I guess it is still in R&D. Again they were looking to bring the cost down to the current reva levels.

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elec scooter specs - Yo, Hero etc

What timing. Biz-standard carried a list of Elec Scooter vendors with specs. However, some key specs they didn't include were

  • Battery replacement cost
  • Battery charging time - full charge x hours, 80% charge y hours
  • Life of battery

Anyway, here is as much as I can type quickly

  • Yo: 6 models, Rs 14-35K, 40-70 km/ charge, max speed 25-45 kmph, 50K vehicles on road today
  • Ultra: 2 models, Rs 30-34K, 50-100 km/charge, max speed 25-40 kmph,
  • Hero: 4 models, Rs 15-24K, 50-70 km/charge, max speed 25-45 kmph, 35k vehicles on road today
  • TVS: 1 model, Rs 29K,40 km/charge, speed 40 kmph
They carried specs of Reva as well, most important thing was future plans -expect a Reva NXG with range of 200km. That will be something. 80 km range is a big no no. Can't even risk going from one end of Bangalore to another - 30km and back = 60 km, bit too close to the 80km range.
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Electricity Shortage

Karnataka and India both face a power shortage especially during peak hours. If people use peak hours to recharge their electric car/bike this problem will get pretty bad. How can we enforce charing only during non-peak hours? A reduced electricity tariff maybe? This will also help reduce peak load from other controllable sources.
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Get more electricity

In the short term there arent enough EV's around to be a cause of concern. But in the longer term when these start becoming popular enough to cause a drag on electricity it would be a good reason to get more electricity. I am sure it is not going to be as expensive as petrol when we get access to uranium (if nuclear deal goes thru). We will by then also hopefully perfected thorium power reactors. It would logistically be a nightmare to enforce charging times. Electricity charges are already graded by BESCOM to ensure higher consumers pay more. comment guidelines

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