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Very Good News!

Manya Prajare, (Respected Citizens)

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Shri Suresh Kumar, Rajajinagar MLA has become the Minister for Urban Development (MuDA). MuDA is a key post which controls BDA, BMRDA, BIAPPA and nearly all TMCs, CMCs and hence holds the key "real estate" post.

To give you a hint to it's importance - this post along with mining was considered the most sensitive posts which lead to fall of the first BJP govt. HDK and the JD(S) were adamant that these two posts be given to them. Draw your own conclusions why..........

Shri Suresh Kumar is a very public minded clean citizen. Infact, he used to take his scooter to the Vidhana Soudha and no flashy cars. He is known to use BMTC transport and lives in a modest simple home in Rajajinagar.

According to Shri A Jayaram, the former correspondent for 'The Hindu', Shri Suresh Kumar is perhaps the only "public minded" politician.

Here is the news from the Oracle of Infantry Road:

Siri Gannadam Gelge! Jai Karnataka! 

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this is indeed an important piece of information. thanks for posting this. we really need to compile a list of departments, the ministers and secretaries incharge of them. SB once had a poll asking if people knew the differences between the various departments. These things get confusing pretty fast. comment guidelines

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