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Midfield terminal for BIA

Was checking major airports across the world on,boston, fra including the zurich airport..

All these airports have one thing in common..they all have a mid-field terminals

These are terminals as shown above where aircrafts are parked on both sides. This is a very easy and good way to accomodate more aircrafts.

First thought that comes up is..why didnt bangalore build a mid-field terminal for the first phase? This would have helped tackle the parking issues and worked in our advantage!

Second is that since we are accelerating work on the next terminal for BIA, we should atleast with this go for a mid field terminal design..this will surely help us in managing the flights better for sure!

Here is the zurich example:

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Phase II

if you look at the master plan, the entire airpoty )passenger terminals) are in a H format. Hence certain parts of the these terminals will be dual sided as you suggest.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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shallow 'U'

Its more like a shallow 'U' than being a H!


I  have tried some extensions (in green) which can be tried out..this is of the conventional type...we can also experiment with a star * type of design for the new terminal...with the end goal that we have a mid-field terminal!

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Re: Shallow U

With the amount of land available, surely if we do exceed 60mn Pax per year - lots of options such as yours are valid.

As you can see Below "the blue section" is the section that is up right now. If they do speed up expansion plans they can easily meet the demand

BIAL- plan

Narayan Gopalan
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Midfield Terminal

I had posted this before - just posting my view they can accomodate more aircrafts with this model too. BIAL Master Plan Tweak

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2nd Phase Layout

Will BIA publish the 2nd phase layout anytime? I am curious to see what Mr. Brunner has in store for the new phase? Will it be extension of the factory shed? or will they design something different scrapping the old masterplan? Bangalore certainly deserves lot more than what we have got...

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Re: 2nd Phase Layout

I understand BIAL is still working on it. The last I read was that they will build a temporary extension to the terminal until the new terminal(s) are up. I hope they reveal the plans soon too!
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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Reg Big birds at BIAL, RGIA

Hi IDS, went thru the link here is some thing that might interest you.
During the PRAJA visit to BIAL We happen to ask the same questions this is what they had to say:

Airbus A380s at BIA --Q&A

Now, the thing to watch out is if the Design Gurus actually plan BIAL "T2" with speed, attention to detail and effeciency of the Germans.
-- Praveen Sundaram AkA PhotoYogi

-- PhotoYogi

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AAI study team heads for HAL airport


AAI study team heads for HAL airport

Ashwini Phadnis (The Hindu Business online) 


New Delhi, June 14 The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is sending a team to Bangalore early next week to find out whether HAL airport should be reopened for commercial flights or Devanahalli airport is capable of handling the growth in passenger traffic.

Official sources told Business Line that the delegation will arrive in Bangalore on Monday (June 16) and conduct the study over the next three days.

HAL airport has been closed to commercial aircraft operations since May 24, when the greenfield airport at Devanahalli opened. The airport was closed to fulfil the contractual agreement between the promoters of the project and the State Government.


The airport closure has led to demands from various quarters, including citizen groups and Parliamentarians, on the need for a big city like Bangalore to have two airports.

After a case was filed in court, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Karnataka government and the promoters were directed to take a relook at the closure of HAL airport.

Besides, there are differences between the promoters and the Centre on the number of passengers Devanahalli can actually handle.

While the promoters claim that the airport can handle 10.5 million and cater to at least 13 million passengers, this is contested by the authorities.

scientific study

“The team will conduct a scientific study on the passenger throughput at Devanahalli airport and submit a report to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

“This report will then be used to present the views of the Ministry to the court. Complaints are already being received about the new airport being overcrowded and airlines facing difficulties,” a senior government official said.

In April this year, following a meeting with the stakeholders, Minister for Civil Aviation Mr Praful Patel said one of the proposals being considered was whether the HAL airport could be kept open for shorthaul flights of 30-45 minutes with aircraft seating up to 80 passengers.

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Brunner goes on record using 'optimal usage of space' as an excuse for covering up his 'minimal spending maximum earning' ideology!

Its appaling to know about such bad design..

1. Praful Patel and his ministry asking to increase more day flights flying international, where will they park?

2. Aero Bridges are used by mostly all international airlies as they can afford it. So invariably currently at mid-night all 4 slots will be occupied by the 4 big others will be on the tarmac?

3. Mallya is buying A380 to ferry the largest number of passengers in one trip to Delhi. This is the trend to go further..larger and fewer flights may become the norm considering the spiralling fuel prices..its not just A380..currently even a 747 its just 4 ?!


Btw interesting to see Telegraph reporting this instead of the local TOI or DH!

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Re ; Optimal

Thanks for the update Narayan. Like Sri mentioned - Mr. Brunner is always defending his factory. I cannot believe he was responsible for Zurich's airport if you compare his delivery of BIA vs zurich itself. For every flaw he has a defending reason which does not justify. Now if you are just building a functionl airport then why spend so much money? If the airport was functional then it should never have had so many complaints.

We may argue why didnt we raise this before.. well some of us here have raised this before when the airport was designed itself. I remember the contact us and feedback forms on BIAL website that never worked.

The point here is - atleast they can scrap their old plans and plan something totally different from the old master plan and still will compliment the factory we have and make it a design element for the future. After all this cry from praja and people all over the world including airlines themselves - if Mr. Brunner and his team think they will do what they want to do then its time our govt steps in to stop this menace..

Apologies for my rants - but its very sad and frustrating to see this happen to Bangalore.

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something wrong with the way project executed

I am thinking that Brunner did not have updates on the project progress at proper times. This is because, he was fighting to start the airport in March when many things were still under construction on the cargo front. Also the design of aerobridges seems to have gone tight. Enough number of ground handling personnel were not available at the start. ATC needs baby sitting. No visitor facilities. These are very basic things any body would understand just by looking at the progress. How come Brunner did not understand these problems when the work was going on? or atleast in March when he was trying to inaugurate it? How come noone from BIAL publicly raised any issues? It appears like the management team was not very experienced in similar prjects. Am I missing something here? Anybody with insider knowledge please let me know.
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I think there was something

I think there was something wrong with how the project plan was approved. BIAL as a business entity has made the least investment to maximise profits and the end results have backfired. But, it is the Indian government which should have had a vision, given requirements & directions of what it wants in the form of "world class" infrastructure to compete with other airports in the region. We already have a midfield terminal but it is largely an unfinished airport per international standards. I do not want to get into the aspects of whether it is a factory or not because that is a very subjective issue, :-), for example.. I recently transited through Heathrow terminal 3 and to me it seemed like an oversized cramped shopping mall in the central waiting area. But, overall it was massive, capable of handling hundreds of flights with..if  I recall..55 gates(or probably more), efficient and friendly staff, adequate seating in the central waiting area (in the busiest international airport), adequate number of clean and functional restroom at various locations in the terminal. Since on the way back I decided to stop over in London I experienced the immigration hall, checkin hall, then the tunnel that effortlessly links the terminal to the tube station via ramp to haul your trolley full of luggage. In effect a well thought out user friendly international terminal.

In short a very functional airport terminal which was built that way when it opened some 20 or more years ago.

I have made an analysis of the problems inherent in airport operations and design problems in both the old and new airport, have also suggested that the solutions could be -


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some clarifications



All these airports have one thing in common..they all have a mid-field terminals

These are terminals as shown above where aircrafts are parked on both sides. This is a very easy and good way to accomodate more aircrafts.

First thought that comes up is..why didnt bangalore build a mid-field terminal for the first phase? This would have helped tackle the parking issues and worked in our advantage!


Friends, I have some clarifications on what blrsri has stated in the beginning of this thread

1) Midfield terminal is NOT a concept to park more number of aircraft. Same number could be parked in a large well designed terminal on  one side of the airfield with the runways next to each other in front of the terminal (as in SEA - Seattle-Tacom intl airport). Midfield terminals are designed so that aircrafts have optimal access to the terminals from the runways (or vice versa) so that taxing distances are reduced AND minimize the number of active runways & taxiways that aircraft have to cross. Other than this main purpose, the other purpose is that a mid-field terminal is the best design for optimally using the given land area in a parallel multi runway airfield.  If a large number aircraft needed to  cross active runways and taxiways then the traffic throughput for the runways would get reduced.

2) The terminal at the new Bangalore airport is a mifdield terminal, the only thing is that the 2nd runway hasn't been built yet (look at the master plan), the present terminal is located at the place where it should be relative to the unbuilt 2nd runway.

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Midfield terminals .... the future of BIAL


Midfield terminals is not neccessarily the case. The world best airport, Singapore Changi, is not midfield, neither is the older Don Muang.

Terminal design is governed by many factors including shape of the land.

I agree with you, BIAL overall layout is poor. In my humble opinion, this is due to the excessive dedication to "non aero" activities like SEZ, Business Park, etc. 

North terminal will need to be expanded towards the east significantly, and the new terminal should be terminal east and south. i.e. an inverted L shape or an extended J shape.

The question is one of money. After speaking to many people including BIAL, I get the impression that BIAL promoters are waiting for UDF to start flowing to fund the required expansion. That means that either, they do not have the financial ability, or the risk appetite, to invest any more. 

Both these are very disconcerting signas to receive.



Devesh R. Agarwal

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