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City's new garbage disposal system

From the holy mouth of 'Infantry Road Mahavishnu' :-) 

Extending this thread

We've blogged and posted a lot about traffic and airports. Right now, with this thread we can start "trash talk"! :-)

It's quite essential since garbage in our city is reaching epic proportions perforcing new initiatives like the above.

I dedicate this thread to "trash talk"


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sainagar's video

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Dr. Vivek's Tale "One of the most pressing problems of urban living is the disposal of garbage. Although much is being debated about the methods of disposal in view of global warming, a small section of the poor who depend on these large dump yards as the sole means of livelihood seldom gets attention. These workers collect scrap iron, plastic, glass bottles and sell them to dealers through whom it reaches recycling plants. Their daily earnings are between Rs. 150-250 (US $ 3-5) a day." Dr Vivek M's captures of the life of some of Bangalore's scavengers. Scavenger's Tale through Dr. Vivek M's lens more amazing images at his flickr page...
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Why GPS to track garbage?

 BBMP garbage contractors get Rs 120 cr annually as lead(transport) charges...BBMP beleives there is a racket behind it..

- System to be in place before June 15

- 400 vehicles to be covered

- Total expenditure Rs 30 lakh

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GPS - Blrsri

GPS can enable BMP to make sure that the truck has covered a certain routes. In fact in can also tell BMP if he has stopped at any clearing point or merely breezed past it. If that data is made available to public it will be even more helpful. By enforcing people not to leave garbage on street - they can start a On-Call garbage disposal system. Say you have a lot of garbage to dispose you can call 080-2xxxxxx (say) and a garbage truck can come by and collect it. This will work for large establishments like restaurants, hotels..etc
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GPS or no GPS

I was reading the comments by some of the Garbage contractors and one of them said - "Let them introduce GPS or whatever (they cannot do anything to us) it has to ultimately run on the truck battery (and we know what to do), what if the battery is not working properly?"

 I have put my interpretations in parentheses, but, its very painful to see such systematic thought being put to defeat a system. How I wish the same thought and effort was put towards ensuring a better society!

I hope BBMP is able to achieve atleast 40-50% improvement out of their investment of 30Lakhs+. There is hope because trucks dont start without a battery and it is cumbersome to start it a la "thaLLO model gaadi idu, thaLLi bidayya"

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Garbage Update

"It was originally believed that 3,500 tonnes of garbage is generated in Bangalore every day, in the first few days after the new GPS system was put in place, only around 1,200 tonnes of garbage was carried to the garbage yards. "


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Happy to see technology working

So, BBMP will spend only 34.5 crores instead of 110 crores for Garbage disposal ? - If so, I'd suggest that they put the money to good use by revamping the whole garbage collection and disposal mechanism and provide/fund more garbage processing sites rather than just dumping it in land fills as this mechanism is not sustainable. I shudder thinking of how much hazardous waste is filled in and around Bangalore's land fills.
As someone else suggested in one of the posts, grass root level compost generation, wet waste handling will remove 50-60% load at source itself, if Bio Degradables are handled also by a similar mechanism, it will be a dream come true for Bangalore city as most of the plastic waste are precious and in demand, which means that we are left with less than 10% of the current garbage generated! comment guidelines

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