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All for better Bangalore

Namaskara yallarigu. I have been one more member of this community who visit regularly but dont contribute anything. After being in a country like US for nearly yr and half and seeing the infrastructure here, would like to add few things. On my opinion these might work well as a start up process to improve Namma Bangalore.

Traffic has been the major thing for Bangalore. Any where we see today everyone speaks of Bangalore traffic. Snail pace movement.

1. Remove all bus stops before start or end of flyover. Near a hump or traffic signal or near major intersection. This creats a hell of traffic jam. Not even on corner roads. DOnt ever construct bus stops on either side or opposite to each other on same road.

2. Teach each driver of BMTC/KSRTC to follow traffic rules and lane system.

3. No trucks allowed insied city limits between 7am till 7pm. Construct wearhouse or a point at each corner of city of ORR so that these trucks can rest during this period. If possible make these points as from where smaller trucks and goods vehicle will transport to inner city.

4. Start using our railway service. There is a railway station near Dodbetthalli next to Devnhalli passing through Yelahanka. Yelahanka is well connected to city contonment, city station, yeshwantapura and Krishnarajpura. Make these points as major railway junction for use of travel.

5. Start car pooling, bike pooling. Best will be using company/factory bus. Pressurise BMTC to put more Vayu Vajra with WiFi. These buses will surely attract our IT industry.

6. Most of Engineering colleges start at 9am and we see these days lot of Yellow buses starting on road by 7am. Change these timings to bit early. And all other IT/BT/Govt industries at 10am.

7. Draw lanes on road. Doesnt matter even Chikpet/ballepet gallis and make sure every one follows them. Cameras at major junction and cops catching people who dont follow rules. Fine them heavily as much as 2000RS and points on there licence.

8. Footpaths are ment for walking and not for selling. Irrespective of caste/religion/color or anything any establishments occupying footpaths has to be brought down.Issue licence to only those who provide enough parking space. No more parking on roads.

9. Fine all those who jaywalk and stop in middle of the road for bus!Make a point no autos will be made to stop near BMTC or KSRTC bus stops.

10.No dogs or cow or bull on streets. India has enough image of having cows in middle of road.

11. Any strike or procession has to be done of peak hrs. Enough reflectors, signs to help people drive at nights. Not even a single potholes on road. Any firm which digs roads for purpose has to fill it up and lay back the road to condition.

These are few things on traffic. Now for getting back what Bangalore has lost in last few yrs.

1. Upgrade all lakes and gardens. Doesnt matter name it after dead or alive one or a allien name to it. Charge a reasonable rate. Upgarde should have a good walk ways or running tracks. Lots of place to sit around and play area for children.

2. Plant as many saplings of various species. These plants should grow tall atleast in 5 yrs(reasonable growth). Have automated cleaning and watering vehicles to clean the road and water the plants regularly.

3. Dont allow any kind of posters/banners of any kind to be displayed in public. Lets have a common place where it can be displayed.

4. No garbage should be thrown out. BBMP has to start a house to house service where they collect waste each and everyday. Private parties can be invited for this. Here in US we have several such oragnisation which collect garbage everyday for waste managment.

5. Fine and educate people who mess the public place.

Well these are few things that I had in my mind for a long time. I thought of sharing with you people today. Please do add your suggestions to this. Lets make Bangalore, Namma Bengalooru. comment guidelines

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