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JP Nagar Underpass work starts - a number of roads blocked in JP Nagar

Work on the JP Nagar underpass has started at the junction of 24th Main and ORR. They have blocked off a number of roads. Traffic diversions had been announced in the DH dated Apr-29. I found this out only because I went out driving yesterday and found a number of roads blocked and traffic diversions.

I found this link only because I did a search after returning home through all the lanes and bylanes of Puttenahalli. Buses have been diverted through Kanakapura Road. How the people ofJP Nagar 7h phase (RBI Layout, Puttenahalli) are expected to commute - I don't see a plan.

a. Is BBMP not supposed to announce the start of such works? Was it now allowed to due to model code of conduct?

b. There is no plan on how the underpass is going to be laid out - along ORR/along 24th main?

c. The traffic diversions are for 6 months. I thought this was to be a precast structure.

d. Why start 1 month before monsoons set in?

e. What data suggests that once the underpass comes up, traffic will be smoother? What is the impact going to be on the neighbouring junctions?

Nothing mentioned.

Has anyone filed an RTI with BBMP before? Please let me know how to go about it.







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keep us posted sri. full blown gs or the magic boxes? oh! its the palike. one of the things i want to know is how do these things work? why is bda building some g/s and palike building u/ps? who is incharge of what?
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Hai Srivathsa while your

Hai Srivathsa

while your traffic  concerns regarding JP Nagar underpass is genuine, the least you can do is to make sure that the underpass (magic box) is wide enough to let TWO VOLVO BUSES travel side by side (astride) so that the underapss will be sufficiently wide enough and not lead to choking at any later time

Srinath Heragu

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Dividers in Bangalore roads

I suggest BBMP constructing dividers in all roads upto atleast 3 feet height like in many roads in Chennai. Because the current single stone/cement block dividers on most roads are not working. Locals in every road are simply ruthless and they simply remove all those cement block dividers to create their own way to cross roads wherever they want, leaving the blocks turned 90 degrees on road, thereby not being visible on nights and causing lot of accidents.

Recommend installing high dividers, which are well lit with reflectors, so it ensures smooth flow of traffic, ensures people take proper right turns and U-turns.

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The solution is to enforce Laws.  Indianshave converted bureacracy into an advanced form of science.  they come up with novel ideas like the one suggested instead of putting hefty fines on law breakers who cross roads at will and motorists who drive on the wrong side or beat the median by jumping.

I used to have my office on Mount road at the entrance to gemini flyover for 10 years. A median like one in Bengaluru used to be there. Then  median of three feet was erected with steel strips like the one we see in Rly stations. New methods were used by law breakers to cross the roads. So many deaths took place even after the new medina. During Ammas reign a compound wall of 6 feet was erected. I have seen with my eyes people climbing them AND JUMPING ON ROAD. This became even more dangerous as motorists could not even see these guys.

Enforcing law with severe punishment for offenders is the only long term solution. The band aids are of no use. 


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JP nagar underpass

I live on 15th cross,JP nagar I phase, I would appreciate if any one is aware of what is the plan. This is a 100ft road. Do they complete this underpass with/without acquiring property from the residents, and also without/with chopping trees on either side of the street. I would appreciate answers for the following questions. 1) width of the underpass 2) 2 lanes on each side / 1 lane on each side ?. 3) service road on either side of the street 4) footpath on either side. Thanking you







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Chandra, it might be worth considering writing and RTI application to get all the answers. If you take the initiative, you might be able to get the help of other members of praja to help you write it. Do consider this route since the government agencies are obligated under law to give an answer. You can search this site for more information on RTI. -Shastri

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