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Focus on Bangalore Arundhati Nag Prof. Rajeev Gowda Ramesh Ramanathan Ram Guha Ashok Kheny Subroto Bagchi Kuvar Danesh Ali Ananth Kumar SM Krishna would have loved to see some officials though. Nandan Nilekani chips in for Metro and BRT. :) ramanathan for drains. :) ramanathan also rips through the nonsense of rural-urban. :) guha talks about aesthetics!! i was jumping in joy that people were actually rooting for local architecture. subroto bagchi puts in a fundamental equation of governance. Everybody but politicians and Kheny pitch in for green and lakes. prof. gowda even says that they can be revived and even enhanced!!! I dream of the day when arkavathi will flow again. None of the politicians answered the question of land grabbing directly. Kheny made the most interesting observation in likening bangalore to a busstand. rofl. more of the same nice-nice-bad-bad on BMIC though. what i liked is that there were atleast people of three parties listening to these wide range of issues that were covered. social, cultural and infrastructural. hopefully some thing would have entered their ears. it may not mean much, but just that these type of discussions are happening itself is a change. hope springs eternal. there is a wonderful poem by a Mrs. Rao in the end. I will transcribe it and post it later on. The jain doode is obviously clueless.
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Focus on Blore

Atleast the biggies were there - wish they had dragged in some more prospective candidates who are in the fray for elections this season so that they are listening too :)

 Things are definitely changing...

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Focus on B'lore - NDTV


TS - Thanks, enjoyed watching the clip.

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