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Bangalore metro Update

Latest news on the Bangalore metro completion timeline. Any comments?

Byppanahalli-Cricket Stadium
March 2010
Yeshwanthpur -Swastik
Nov 2010
U/G Section
Sept 2011
City Station– Mysore Rd
Oct 2011
City Market– R.V Road
Dec 2011

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R V Road

I noticed that they have started digging up the beautiful R.V. Road (Nanda Theater Road) just south of the south end circle. So this beautiful road could stay messed up till 2011!? Oh no!

The earth work is going on in the center of the road, both sides of the median, and right now confined to 5-6 pillaro location. they have dug up interesting looking arcs right now. Perhaps they will slowly complete the full circle and make the regular round holes to hold the Metro pillars.

No idea of the exact route that will extend this part of Metro till about Banashankari bus stand. Can't see any digging work near Rajalakshmi Kalyan Mantapa side of this beautiful road.

Here is the road in question, looks so nicely distinct from above!

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Probably, this area could

Probably, this area could take that much time to complete, otherwise, the construction could have started a little later than being scheduled now. If this is not the ideology, then its absurd planning. It would be chaos to leave this beautiful place dug up for such a long period.
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Metro Exrension - South from RV Road



About the extension, it will turn right at RV Rd end & follow the 100 ft road till BSK bus terminus, turn left onto Kanakapura road & will continue upto ORR along Kanakapura road.

There was also another report that stated that it will go past ORR upto Khodays in the 1st phase itself.

However, the BMRC board have, so far only approved the extension in the north (Yeawantpur thro' Pennya to Hessarghatta Cross - along Tunkur Rd).


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nanda road

somebody called as rednivaram is tracking nanda road from his flickr page The so called Nanda Main Road as it has stood for the last 40 odd years is likely to see a major change once the Namma Metro works take off. With two stations, including a terminal set to be constructed on this road, it is impossible to imagine this place as it stands today. It is a boulevard that provides shade on the road from the South End signal till 45th Cross Road. I decided to walk down the entire road and back and to capture the greenery as it stands now. Check out the sign board photos for the tree inventory, unscientific as it may be.
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Parallel road to Nanda Road an option?

If the metro would have passed on any other parallel road such as directly near the Jayanagar 4th block complex where lot of people come for shopping, pass upto ring road and then take right, it would have been nice and we could have saved Nanda road. There was a recent campaign on wikipedia called savenandaroad.
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other routes better

Nanda road was much more beautiful before..there was a beautiful rose garden with variety of rose plants..but all this was dug up when the cauvery water pipe lines were laid and they covered it with honge trees instead..there was this Mother Cauvery's statue at the circle with a nice garden around it..its also gone..!

Taking the metro thru elephant rock road to touch complex would be a better idea as this would give access to bus commuters to transfer to the metro..

this is again the case with the mysore road terminal..there is a good new satellite bus stand and the train should stop here for transfers but surprisingly it doesnt..metro coming here will address..

The current free transfers done from majestic to the satellite bus stand..

Majestic is congested because of Kengeri/Avalahalli(hoskote) busses starting from there..we have started satellite bus stations and all the train needs to do it connect it..since its getting exclusive underground tracks to Majestic

never understood the rationale in selecting routes..did they at all make a user study before marking the routes??

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Metro - Road Widths Insufficient near Jaynagar Cmplx



The road widths past elephant rock rd made it difficult to plan the routing to the bus terminus at 4th block & it would have involved huge land acquisition compensations. Hence, they had opted for RV rd for ELRTS earlier. The same alignment is now being used for Metro routing.

They may run feeder buses from 4th block to Jayanagar Metro stn near Nanda on RV rd, so should be okay.

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if you say so..

but will miss the most thick tree cover that I have seen anywhere in Bangalore apart from the parks..mysore road had it from Gali Anjaneya temple-sirsi circle-police grounds..most trees cut for flyover..the rest will soon be brought down too..

very unfortunate that they cannot transplant these :P

One more compelling reason to weigh LRT on some routes..which is less intrusive! 

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RV Rd - Some Park areas will remain


According to BMRC's drawings, more than half of the green areas adjacent the boulevard will remain. The areas earmarked for removal are :

1) Full area between 38th & 40th cross on both sides; & about 3/4ths of the area between 38th & 36th cross on both sides (for huge parking lots & RV Rd station).

2) About 3/4ths width of the green areas north of 30th cross (Jayanagar stn - elevated platforms & underside parking area). Full width about midway for alighting & descending escalators & stairs from street level will be used up.

I dont think they intend removing the trees by the sides of the road - they may prune them as required to allow for the Metro to pass, but during construction, there might be some damages !


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Traffic management at 40th cross?

Some comments (venting some frustration as well) 

a. Sometimes it makes me wonder if our government is in the timber business!  That road is one of the most pleasant to walk on.  Even in peak summer, you don't feel the heat of a 2 km walk at 1:00 p.m. 

b. I was trying not to think of the impact on this stretch (denial) but now this post has forced me to.

c. I wish they would cut as few trees as possible and as late in the game as possible.

d. Do they have a traffic management plan?  There will be a fair bit of chaos at 40th cross and Rajalakshmi Kalyana Mantap.  I would not like to be one of the residents of 5th main and 3rd Main.





Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Features of Baiyappanahalli Metro Station

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Metro At Jayanagar animation

This is a virtual reality animation of bangalore metro train showing the stations and movement between southend circle and rv terminal having two stations in between, the environment is brought exact to reality..... Developed by sutech solutions for bmrcl
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Stairs only?

two flights of stairs to climb and no escalators/lifts? What will the old and the handicapped do? The lobby around ticketing area and the one after ticket readers looks a bit wasteful on space. I bet some shops would be coming there. Thanks for sharing this TS. Nice piece of work. I almost thought I bumped into Janardhan Uncle, Jayamma aunty, Sunita akka and pakkad mane kiTTi. -Shastri


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Metro rail MG Road animation


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Surface level parking?

Why does Bangalore Metro not go in for underground parking instead of surface parking?

1. It will partially restore the green view on the side parks of Nanda main - it may not be trees though
2. For the residents, there will be less disturbance.
3. Vehicles get protection from the elements

1. More cost  - the initial cost
2. ? comment guidelines

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