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Metro Updates July 2008


Metro work 2Metro work 1

(Pics from work on M G Road) 

Bangalore metro updates starting July 2008 under the new head Mr. Sivasailam According to this report in the Hindu by BS Ramesh, the BMRCL has:

... invited tenders for the second reach relating to construction of an elevated viaduct from Mysore Road terminus to Magadi Road and the third reach comprising an elevated section from Yeshwanthpur Terminus to Swastik (Seshadripuram). The estimated cost of construction for the viaduct from Mysore Road to Magadi Road is Rs. 210 crore and successful bidders will be expected to complete it within 27 months from the award of contract. The bids will be opened at the BMRCL office in Shantinagar on August 8. Similarly, the estimated cost of the third reach (from Yeshwanthpur to Swastik) is Rs. 200 crore. The bids will be opened on August 14 and the work is slated to be completed within 27 months from the date of award of contract.
Also, regarding the work that has already begun but is mired in litigations, Hemanth & Monica Jha of newindianexpress add that work on CMH Road is expected to start during the next week and that
‘’Some major changes are expected in the following week and we hope to make some headway in the project,’’ according to BMRCL officials.
more excerpts from that article...
The CMH Road Shops and Establishments Association and residents of the locality had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Court seeking re-alignment of the project, hindering it since 2006. The metro rail project, according to BMRCL, has been delayed by nine months mainly due to the litigations. Property owners on CMH Road are yet to give up their holdings that fall on the present alignment, but work on the stretch connecting 100 ft road in Indiranagar with Old Madras Road has already begun. The officials are also confident that litigations over other properties too will be resolved. Plaza theatre on MG Road, which has been notified for housing a metro station is also under litigation. However, senior advocate Pramila Nesargi, who challenged the project on legal grounds and suggested that the project on CMH Road be re-aligned, said: "BMRCL is carrying out some basic work on CMH Road. But they are doing it at their own risk, as the matter is still sub-judice and the next hearing is slated to be held on July 16." President of the CMH Road Shopkeepers and Traders Association Imtiaz Ahmed said that BMRCL considers it to be a trivial issue. He added that the Association would protest if BMRCL starts any work.
The Hindu article also has some info on what to expect at Byapanahalli...
Besides these two reaches, BMRCL has also proposed direct pedestrian connectivity between the Metro Station at Byappanahalli and the railway station and also from Old Madras Road. The traffic integration area, where Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses would be available, will be situated across the railway tracks. The Byappanahalli station, Mr. Sivasailam says, is likely to have a host of facilities, including easy access points for the physically challenged. The State says the NGEF land across which the Byappanahalli station will come up, will be developed as a major integrated transport centre in Bangalore.
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biscuit kottu picture thoristhare

admission on delays are fine but what about setting aggressive goals..redifining the earlier dates..

no changes on the ground either..would luv to hear anyones opinion that work has accelerated on MG road after the govt change..but I am afraid it wont come!

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work is progressing but slowly

I walk on Mg Road Everyday. There is progress but not half as fast as you would expect it to be. About a handful of workers and a solitary crane would be working on a singular column! Lots of Land Aquisition Issues. I hope High Court will take these cases on Fast Track (Excuses the pun). M G Road PLaza Theatre, trinity Circle (Craig Park Layout), Ulsoor/CMH Road thats almost 30-40% of phase I. I dont understand the reason for Metro going on OMR. It seems less populated and wont serve Indiranagar which will lead to more congestion. I am not sure of the compensation packages, but I guess none of the land owners will get as much as a Builder would pay to develop it.
Narayan Gopalan
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some pics from work on M G Road

Some pics I took last Saturday, MG Road, 500 mts away from Trinity Circle.

[images have been moved above to the main post itself - {blr_editor}]

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No news of Mono Yet

Company for monorail has still not been finalized. Forget the work progress. We may have many underpasses and flyovers on ORR and the alignment of mono will be problem here along with underpass and flyovers.

Mumbai and Delhi seems to be going fast on the public transport front. Bangalore is very very slow.

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Temple challenges land acquisition

Adi Vinayaka Temple trust is not happy with Metro acquiring the surrounding lands. See the news item here.



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gives a whole new meaning to vighneshwara. what would happen if i appeal to vighnanaashaka? that will some problem for our beloved ganapathi to solve. in any case, the legal argument 'not an industrial project so KIADB yaake' is the same that a lot of other petitioners are picking up. one trend is lots of individual petitioners filing independent petitions but mostly citing similar arguments. so they are all tracking the legal battles.
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Metro Phase 1 June 2012

Barricade on M.G. Road to be removed by March Phase I of Metro project to be completed by June 2012 Tendering process for civil works to be completed by year-end Metro work will not affect bus passengers at Majestic Elements for the elevated corridor between Anil Kumble Circle and Trinity Circle under Reach 1 of Namma Metro’s Phase 1 will be placed in eight months( March 2009 ), according to BMRCL Managing Director N. Sivasailam. Speaking to presspersons here on Saturday, Mr. Sivasailam said the barricade would be removed after the elements were placed. Elements would be placed on CMH Road in the next eight months, he added. Attempting to answer Bangaloreans’ concern over the delay in completion of the project, Mr. Sivasailam said the entire Phase I would be in place by June 2012 instead of December 2011 . Tendering process for all civil works, including underground stations and tunnelling, would be complete by the end of the year. Though BMRCL was confident of completing the entire Phase I as per the earlier schedule , it had extended the deadline a little keeping in mind any unforeseen happenings, he said. Deadlines Mr. Sivasailam gave different deadlines for commencing and completing civil and other works on different reaches and said everything should be over by June 2012. To a question on the long time for completion of the underground section, B.S. Sudhir Chandra, Director (Projects and Planning), said that unlike the elevated corridor, construction of an underground corridor needed a whole lot of pre-construction investigation. Apart from routine soil test, various other tests, including effect on water table, effect on buildings and other tests had to be carried out. Once the work commenced, it would be completed in 26 months and seven more months were needed for laying tracks and construction of stations . On the proposed Majestic Metro Station, Mr. Sivasailam said the work would not affect KSRTC and BMTC passengers, though the station would comes within the KSRTC premises. BMRCL had already submitted the design plan to KSRTC. The stations at Majestic — crossover between North-South and East-West corridors — would have two levels. While the North-South corridor station would be 20 metres below the ground, the East-West corridor would be 14 metres below the ground , he said. Director (Rolling Stock, Signalling and Electric) D.D. Pahuja and other officials were present.
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Is Hyderabad taking a lead over?

Is Hyderabad taking lead over Bangalore in metro project also?

 Atleast the webiste says so.

 It is interesting to note that, they have RTI info on the site. So the Project is under RTI? Better it be. Is H'bad showing the way?


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Hyd Metro

Its obvious - atleast Hyd has an informative decent non - amateurist website. BMRCL has outdated info. Infact when the website was launched I approached them with a feedback and offered to redesign and and help them with it. But I got a reply that their website was very appreciated by all the citizens. Now as far as the information there it gets updated now and then but definitely not commendable. 

If we can convince them to consider positive suggestions. Hope they will progress construction and be transparent. One positive part of BMRCL website is that atleast some one answered my email unlike BIAL :)

 On the other hand Hyd likes to do a Makki ka Makki with Blr. Now they are offering Land for the Tata Nano Project - if Blr does it Hyd has to - LOL comment guidelines

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