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Bangalore Budget

The full text of the BBMP budget The thrust areas of BBMP budget for 2008-09 will be improved city infrastructure, cleaner and greener environment, basic services for the urban poor and better services for improved quality of life for all. It is a privilege to present the budget of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike for the year 2008-09. Bangalore has been firmly established as the “Future City” of an emergent India. As a technology hub, Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka has made great strides in the field of IT and BT, being home to virtually every major IT company of the world. Greater opportunities, rising income levels coupled with a salubrious climate have all contributed to increasing Bangalore’s population beyond seven million. Consequently, the city infrastructure is severely stressed with reduced road space, per capita availability of civic services and general quality of life. There is an urgent need to improve the infrastructure in terms of better roads, water supply and drainage system, more parking facilities for vehicles, better illumination of streets, scientific disposal of solid waste and greater green coverage. All these require investment of a much higher order than is available. However, a recent report of RBI on Municipal Finance in India indicates that per capita revenue of Bangalore, compared to other major cities, is the lowest. (Annexure-1) There is a mismatch between the resources required to keep up with the growth of Bangalore especially after formation of the BBMP, and the resources available. BBMP as the provider of civic services to the citizens is thus, continually faced with the huge challenge of bridging this resource gap. This budget attempts to address the critical needs of the city and find the required resources. Improved Disclosure : Unlike in the previous years, this budget document includes eight separate volumes (subsidiary statements) to make the BBMP Budget more transparent, intelligible and informative. This is an era of Right to Information and most of the applications received from citizens pertain to the activities undertaken by BBMP. In order to facilitate dissemination of information about the programmes of BBMP in an easy and comprehensible manner, the following documents are being brought out for the first time along with the budget. 1) Annual Financial Statement (AFS) 2) Budget Highlights 3) Appendix ‘B’ to the Budget (Pay and allowances of various positions) 4) Budget Memorandum ( debt liability) 5) Appendix ‘E’ – List of on-going works 6) Appendix ‘E’ – Programme of new works 7) Special Component Plan (18% Works and Welfare Schemes) 8) Action Taken Report (ATR) in respect of 07-08 Budget Review of BBMP’s Finances : The revised estimates for receipts and expenditure for the year 2007-08 work out to Rs 1900 Crores and Rs 2036 Crores, as against the BE provision of Rs.3302 Crores and Rs.3317 Crores, respectively. The shortfall in anticipated receipts during the 07-08 is on account of the following : Property Tax : The property tax collection has fallen below the budget target of Rs.610 crores as nearly 3 lakh properties are still outside the tax net and no revision of property tax rates have taken place in the last eight years. Increased coverage was anticipated through the regularization of such properties under the Sakrama Scheme. Moreover, the collection of arrears of tax is low, as the entire revenue machinery is engaged in election related duties since November 2007. Other Cesses / Fees : Storm Water Drain Cess (@ 10% of property tax) was envisaged to be introduced in lieu of the Education Cess to fund the SWD Projects. However, in the absence of an elected body both at the ULB and State level, the required amendment to the KMC Act has been deferred. Similarly, Impact Fee has also been deferred for the same reason. The total short fall is Rs.71 crores. Improvement Charges : There is a shortfall of Rs 38 crores in collection of improvement charges due to Sakrama Scheme, which envisages levy of similar fees/penalties. Sakrama Scheme : Shortfall in collection of fees of Rs 137 Crores as the scheme is under litigation. Moreover, the fee structure is also under revision by the Government. Income from land leases : BBMP has leased a large number of properties to various bodies. The lease rent collected is a mere Rs 1.5 crores, which is far less in comparison to market potential. While BBMP will make efforts to improve collections from lease rentals, the major constraint is that the lease rates are under long term agreements ranging from 30 to 99 years. JNNURM Scheme : The total allocation for Karnataka under JNNURM is only Rs.1737 crores to be shared between Bangalore and Mysore. BBMP has got 19 projects approved under the scheme. As against anticipated receipts of Rs. 600 Crores, the actual receipt is Rs. 119.00 Crores during the year. Overall there has been a shortfall of Rs 1402 Crores in the projected receipts during 2007-08. However, this has been the trend in Receipts of BBMP over the last ten years. The gap in some years is as high as 40% resulting in un-fulfillment of certain assurances made. Significant strides in other receipts : Advertisement tax : There is a substantial jump in revenues from Advertisement tax and lease rights. The total receipts is Rs 70 Crores as against last year’s collection of Rs 9 Crores, i.e. a record increase of 800%. This has been possible due to streamlining of the advertisement rights through introduction of tender cum auction and better enforcement of the Bye Laws. Non tax receipts : The non tax revenues have also increased substantially to Rs. 288 Crores as against Rs. 110 Crores during the previous year (162% appreciation) mainly because revision of various long standing fees pertaining to issue of building license, ground rent, Khatha transfer, improvement charges, user charges, etc as well as better monitoring of their levy and collection. In view of this, total revenue realization has by far exceeded the figures of the previous year and consequently a large number of fresh works could be taken up in the new areas. The Capital Expenditure of Rs 2036 Crores during 2007-08 is substantially higher compared to the previous year (Rs. 1089 crores), i.e., a growth of 87%. Significant achievements in 07-08 : For the first time we are making effort to present an Action Taken Report (ATR) on the budget assurances of 07-08. Some of the significant achievements during 2007-08 are given below : • BBMP received National Award under JNNURM for improvement in delivery of municipal services for 2007-08 from Government of India for Storm Water Drains. • Advertisement tax revenue of BBMP increased from Rs 9.98 crores (2006-07) to Rs 67 Crores in 2007-08 accounting for 800% growth. • Own Non-Tax Receipts of BBMP increased from Rs 110 crores (2006-07) to Rs 288 Crores in 2007-08 accounting for 162% growth. • Storm Water Drains – 113 critical and vulnerable areas prone to flooding have been tackled - BBMP’s efforts appreciated by Lok Adalat. • Drive for clearance of encroachment of Raja Kaluve - More than 20 acres of prime land has been reclaimed around valleys. • Long standing and recurring problems of the flood prone areas of Bangalore such as Puttenahalli, Nayandahalli, Silk Board Junction, Bhadrappa layout, Victoria lay out, Kamakya theatre, Bandeppa Colony, Arakere lay out, Air-port road flyover junction, MES area at Challagahatta, etc got addressed during current year. • 683.50 kms of roads asphalted and upgraded. • 128.8 kms of concrete roads added. • 4665 kms of roads repaired / asphalted. Out of this, 1753 kms of roads tackled in the new zones. • Widening of four major roads viz., Bellary Road, Palace Road, Race Course Road, Hosur Laskar Road commenced. • The technology of Segmented Box Elements improvised by BBMP for creation of Underpasses and Surface passes. An underpass at Kaveri theatre junction completed in record time. • Work of creation of Underpasses and Overpasses on Bellary road initiated to make it signal free. • Malleswaram grade separator leading to Sampige Road opened. • 19439 Sodium / Mercury Vapour lights and 95 High Mast lights installed. • 5410 borewells being maintained in the New Zones including 410 new borewells added for water supply. • 90 Rain water harvesting units set up in BBMP parks. • Group Insurance for auto rickshaw drivers operationalised – premium of Rs.265 per driver payable by BBMP. • 2893 SC/ST and 5554 BCM beneficiaries trained in gainful activities (computer software, driving training etc.). • 10,000 women beneficiaries trained in tailoring / knitting / embroidery / coir craft for gainful employment. • 22,000 students in 133 schools have been given nourishing mid-day meal every day. Similarly, 6846 senior citizens are provided with nourishing meals daily under Akshaya Patra Scheme in partnership with ISKCON. • Subsidy given to 514 beneficiaries for vehicles under self employment scheme. • Sports facilities built at Brindavan Nagar (Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex), Dr. Ambedkar Stadium Basaveshwarnagar, Kittur Rani Chennamma Complex. • Aryoga melas conducted in six referral hospitals. • Animal Birth Control (ABC) for dogs extended to five new zones and implemented through NGO’s. • Madilu (Post Natal Kits) and Sanjivini (nourishment) schemes operationalised in maternity homes. • Birth and Death records between 1947-2005 computerized. • Construction of 200 transit sheds completed. Construction of 250 dwelling units in five slums taken up. • 538 parks upgraded and maintained. • 1,35,000 saplings planted, 80 fully grown trees transplanted. BUDGET PROPOSALS :- In pursuance of the Vision Statement of Bangalore as envisaged in the City Development Plan to retain its position as a City of the Future, BBMP proposes to strive at a planned and equitable development of various localities of Bangalore, including the newly added zones. The Budget envisages consolidation of the integration process of these zones and 110 villages which started in 2007, through unified administrative structure and standardized service delivery. The thrust areas for 2008-09 will be improved city infrastructure, cleaner and greener environment, basic services for the urban poor and better services for improved quality of life for all. Estimated Tax Receipts for 08-09 : The tax sources of BBMP are quite limited. With the abolition of Octori and non transfer of Professional tax and Entertainment taxes to Urban Local bodies, there are very few own sources of revenue available with BBMP. The removal of additional stamp duty of 2 % and replacing it with only a 2% surcharge on the stamp duty, has resulted in reduction of receipts from this source alone by 90%. The two important sources of Tax revenue with BBMP are the Property tax and the Advertisement tax. Keeping in mind these constraints, I am happy to inform you that due care has been taken to project realistic estimates of receipts for the year 2008-09. Property Tax : The estimated Property tax receipt for 08-09 is Rs 605 Crores. As mandated by law, BBMP will be collecting the property tax under Capital Value System (CVS) from assessment year 08-09 for all properties. CVS method of computing property tax is not new to the five new zones which have come under the fold of the Corporation after the creation of BBMP. However, in the three zones of erstwhile BMP, the Annual Rental Value (ARV) system is still being followed. But, as the KMC Act does not provide for ARV system of Property Tax assessment and a uniform tax system needs to be introduced in the entire jurisdiction of BBMP, we are implementing the CVS system of tax assessment in the BBMP area. The transition to the new property tax assessment system in Bangalore will not be smooth and easy. But, no efforts will be spared to spread greater awareness about the scheme and help the property owners to file the tax returns without any hassle. A Hand book containing all relevant information about the tax rates, property guidance values, model calculations and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be released soon. Similarly, a Tax Calculator will be available in the BBMP’s website for online computation and payment of tax. It may be noted that shifting over to CVS system of property tax assessment will not put additional tax burden on every property owner. Some may pay less tax than what they have been paying under the ARV system. Greater revenue realization is, however, anticipated by increasing the coverage, ie., bringing more properties under the tax net. Nearly three lakh properties are expected to be regularized under the “Regularisation of certain Unauthorized Developments or Constructions Scheme” (Sakrama), initiated by the Government. After regularization, these properties will be taken up for assessment of tax. Similarly, tax enforcement will be taken up intensively to minimize non/under assessment of tax. Further, BBMP will be availing the help of latest technology to improve its tax revenues. The GIS based mapping of properties has been completed in 30 wards in East, West and South Zones. In the five new zones, this work is nearing completion. Intensive survey will be taken up in all other wards including the newly added areas to complete GIS database for property taxation. To facilitate easy computation and payment of tax, a web enabled tax calculator will be introduced for on line calculation of tax and remittance of payment. BBMP will encourage the tax payers to avail of this facility apart from the services offered by the Citizen Centers and Bangalore One Centers, conforming to the IT culture in the city. Advertisement Tax - Auctioning of advertisement rights of LED boards, displays on electric poles on arterial roads, bus bays etc., is likely yield substantial revenue from advertisement. Better enforcement is envisaged through Radio Frequency Detection (RFD) devices attached to the bill boards in place of the strips indicating the BBMP permission to display. Expected revenue from advertisement tax and license fees is Rs 91 crores. NON TAX REVENUES : Sakrama fees – More than three lakhs properties are expected to be regularized under the scheme. The likely inflow to the Infrastructure Fund on account of fees/penalty will be Rs.100 crores. Trade Licenses – Renewal of annual trade licenses through self assessment has been streamlined with the help of FKCCI. This move on the part of BBMP has been appreciated by the traders and Hoteliers associations. The licensing procedures have been made simple and easy to increase compliance by the trades. License Fees - Various town planning fees and charges have been revised during 2007. This will yield additional revenue of Rs.80 crores. The total non tax revenues are likely to go up to Rs.250 crores. GRANTS The divisible pool of SFC has increased by Rs. 500 Crores as per the State Budget. Hence the devolution in favour of BBMP is expected at Rs.400 Crores. However, unlike the previous year, no special development grant is envisaged for improvement of civic amenities in the newly added areas. The only other grant will be in terms of the contribution from both Government of India and Government of Karnataka for the on going JNNURM Projects to the tune of Rs.356 Crores. BBMP will raise matching resources to fund projects through borrowings. The total estimated receipts for 2008-09 are Rs 2842.48 crores and the same is reflected in the Annual Finance Statement. UTILISATION OF RESOURCES In a major thrust towards improvement of infrastructure and better quality of life in Bangalore, BBMP proposes a total outlay of Rs.2918.71 crores during 2008-09. Capital investments account for 57 percent of this outlay. Salaries and Administrative expenses add up to 20 percent, with a marginal increase of only 2 percent over the previous year. A substantial investment of Rs.600 crore is envisaged on Welfare schemes, Education and Health sector. Infrastructure initiatives for smoother flow of traffic : Road widening 91 roads for a stretch of 144 kms identified for widening in a phased manner. Land is to be acquired under TDR scheme. Widening of following roads will be completed during the year: • Bellary Road • Race Course Road • Palace Road • Seshadri road In addition, widening of the following other roads will be taken up: • Kasturba Road • Nrupathunga Road • Hosur Road (Lalbagh Main gate to Yankee factory) • Hosur-Laskar Road • Jaya Mahal road • Airport Road • Mysore Road (from Sirsi Circle to Ring Road) • Padarayanapura main road • Lower Agaram Road (HOSMAT to National Games Village, Koramangala) • Sarjapura Road (Kendriya Sadana upto Ring Road cross) • Hennur Road (Pottery road to Ring road) • Banaswadi Road • Wheeler Road An allocation of Rs.40 crore is made in the budget in this regard. Major infrastructure initiatives : Mysore Road Elevated Corridor from Sirsi Circle upto Kengeri – Mysore Road is a major corridor connecting Bangalore to Mysore, which has been upgraded to a four lane road from Kengari onwards. However, within the city, a large number of intersections on this road severely restrict movement of vehicles. For smoother flow of traffic, an elevated corridor from Sirsi Circle to Kengari is proposed for an approximate length of 10.2 kms. The estimated traffic density is more than 15,000 PCUs a day. An initial allocation of Rs.15 crores is made. Elevated corridor from Rajajinagar entrance to Yashwanthpur Junction (Dr. Rajkumar Road) Dr. Rajkumar Road is one of the busiest roads in the city which acts as a link between Tumkur Road and city center. To accommodate the growing volume of traffic and facilitate signal free movement, an elevated corridor is proposed for an approximate length of 3.20 kms with a Budgetary provision of Rs.15 crores. Elevated Road using structural steel along JC Road (Minerva Circle to Hudson Circle) It is again one of the busiest roads radiating from city center to the southern part, with a one way movement. In order to facilitate bidirectional movement of traffic along this corridor, especially for light vehicles, it is proposed to construct a 1.5 km long elevated corridor made of steel. Rs.20 crore is provided in the budget for this purpose. Formation of Road between Rajiv Gandhi Circle (Platform Road) and Srirampuram under bridge (behind Mantri Greens) This proposed road will give direct access to Yashwanthpur from the Platform road along the Railway parallel line. This four lane bidirectional road with an approximate length of 700 mtrs, will substantially reduce the traffic congestion on the Sampige Road. It is proposed to have 1.2 mtr wide central median and 1.5 mtr, wide footpath on either side of this road. The budget provision is Rs.2 crores. Underpasses / Grade Separators The following projects approved under JNNURM have been taken up : • Gali Anjanaya Temple junction • Yeshwanthpur circle • Nagavara - Ring Road junction • Hennur- Banasavadi Ring Road • Kadirenahalli Ring road • Puttenhalli Ring road • Prof C N R Rao circle • Tagore circle Under Pass using Pre-Cast Segment In addition, 46 locations have been identified for construction of underpasses using prefabricated element technology to give immediate relief at these busy junctions. Work has commenced in three places, such as BDA Junction, CBI Junction and Ananda Nagar. Other important junctions identified are: • Windsor Manor Junction • Kanakapura Road Ring Road junction • JP Nagar • Bannerghatta • Kamakya Theatre • Shivananda Store junction • Race Course Road junction • Lalbagh Road – Siddaiah Road junction (near Urvashi theatre) • Nayandahalli bus stop junction Pedestrian Subways Construction of Pedestrian Subways at Vijayanagar and Town Hall is underway and will be completed shortly. Further 36 Pedestrian Subways using the precast segmented technology are contemplated at important locations like: • Cauvery Bhavan • Lalbagh Main gate • KG Road (Aryabhavan) • Tumkur Road (RNS Motors) • JC Road (Ravindra Kalakshetra) • Race Cource Road (Chalukya Hotel) • Airport Road, (Marath Halli Junction) • Palace Road (Mount Carmel College) • Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan (Devaraj Urs Road) ROBs/RUBs - Construction of ROB’s and RUB’s across the railway lines locations will be taken up in collaboration with the Railways on deposit contribution basis at: • Hoodi Devasandra (Jolarpet Chennai Railway line) • Allalasandra • Bapujinagar Pipe line road • Jalahalli MES • Virupakshapura • Srirampuram • Gangappa-Narasimhaiah Compound in Binnypet The Budgetary provision for all these road related infrastructure is Rs 450 Crores. Storm Water Drains - DPR’s have been prepared for construction/remodeling of SWD network especially in the new areas and submitted to Government of India for funding under JNNURM. The on-going works in the four major valley’s namely; Challaghatta, Koramangala, Vrushabavathi and Hebbal will be expedited during the year. More emphasis will be given to diverting sewage from entering the SWD’s and for this purpose, setting up of 13 Sewage Treatment Plants have been envisaged at select locations. After secondary treatment, the water will be released to the SWD to keep up the flow and minimize flooding. Constructions of bridges and culverts over SWD’s at 25 locations will be taken up and completed, using precast segmented technology. BBMP intends to develop a portion of Vrushabavathi Valley into a model river front on the lines of the Sabarmathi River Valley Development project. Total allocation for SWD is Rs. 204 crores. Road Over Storm Water Drains – Four such roads are proposed to be taken up under the Swiss Challenge method at the following stretches: • KH Road to Inner Ring Road of Koromangala (5.10 Kms) • Old Madras Road to Airport Road in Challghatta valley (2.70 Kms) • Airport Road to Bellandur Tank in Challghatta valley (4.20 Kms) • Outer Ring Road to Raja Canal STP of Hebbal Valley (2.70 Kms) Skywalks, Bus Stops and Public Toilets: In order to help pedestrians to cross the increasingly busy roads, elevated skywalks with citizen friendly escalators are envisaged at 36 locations. The project will be executed on a BOT basis, where the funding will be through Advertisement rights over the concession period. These will be auctioned for better transparency and competition. BBMP recognizes the need to facilitate Public Transport to reduce the congestion on the city roads on account increasing number of private vehicles, especially the two wheelers. Apart from road widening to create more space for the buses to ply, 1100 Bus stops are proposed to be constructed along all major roads to help the bus commuters. These will be funded by auction of Advertisement rights and executed on BOT basis. BBMP gratefully acknowledges the PPP initiative taken in the past under the Nirmala Nagara programme to construct Pay and use Public Toilets. These have been very useful to the public in terms of convenience and hygiene. However, many of these toilets are in need of repairs and renovation. BBMP proposes Rs 50 lakhs for repairs and maintenance of these toilets. Additionally 40 modern public toilets are proposed to be constructed on BOT basis through advertisement rights. Development of New zones During 2007-08, BBMP has taken up a number of developmental works in the newly added zones towards provision of better roads, drains, street lights, water supply and waste disposal. As against a total expenditure of Rs 116 Crores incurred during the Year 2006-07 by all the erstwhile CMCs, BBMP has approved works worth Rs 401 Crores (3958 works) during 2007-08, i.e. an increase of 245% over the previous year. On completion of these works, the concerned localities will benefit directly on account of BBMP formation. In further recognition of the need to provide better infrastructure and civic services, a fresh allocation of Rs. 225 Crores is made in the Budget. Admittedly, this provision is inadequate to fulfill the aspirations of these areas, especially to bring them on par with the core areas of Bangalore. However, additional works will be taken up depending on the buoyancy of resources in course of the year. Significantly however, a specific provision has been made for improvement of the approach roads to the villages integrated with BBMP. Rs 20 Crores have been provided for this purpose. One such road identified for up-gradation is the link from Banaswadi- Bharmau- Jayanthigram- Khanisandra up to Billasival Rampura Cross over a stretch of 7 Kms. Welfare Measures : SC / ST Welfare : For the first time a provision exceeding Rs. 205 Crores has been made in the BBMP budget for the Welfare of the SC/ST community. While ensuring that statutory allocation of 18% under the Government directive is met with, due care is given to carry over the unspent balance amount of previous years too. In order to ensure full and effective utilization of the funds provided, inter-se allocation among various welfare schemes is left to respective Zones depending upon the local needs. With a view to assessing the needs of the local communities, a consultation process was initiated with civil societies and stake holders and a lot of constructive suggestions were received. Based on these interactions, the following new schemes are envisaged during 2008-09: • Training program to acquire BPO / Call Centre working skills. • English Speaking Course and Capacity Building training programme • Training in Para-Medical courses like Ophthalomology, Lab technician, Physiotherapy, Radiology etc. • Improvements to SC/ST Hostels run by Social Welfare Department, GoK. • Economic support Dr. Ambedkar Development Corporation for micro credit project. • Deputation of bright SC/ST students of Middle & High school to recognised residential schools like Ramakrishna Ashram, Visheshwariah Residential schools etc. • Medical aid/services to victims of natural calamity/riots / atrocities. • Grants to Educational Institutions run by SC/ST managements • Insurance Scheme for Safai Karmacharies, Cobblers etc. • Financial assistance for construction of new houses in association with Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited. • Insurance Scheme for Slum Dwellers. Each BBMP zone have been allocated Rs.8 crore and a total provision of Rs.64 crore is made in the budget to promote these welfare activities. Similarly, various engineering works are proposed to be taken up for the benefit of the SC/ST communities at a total outlay of Rs.70 crores. Further an additional outlay of Rs. 4 crores has been made to the reserved assembly segments keeping in view the local needs. Some of the important works proposed are: • Construction of community halls. • Construction of community toilets. • Construction of New Anganwadi Schools in slum areas. • Purchase of land for construction of dwelling units/rehabilitation of slum dwellers. • Upgradation of school buildings for provision of drinking water, library, toilets. • Construction of additional class rooms in schools with greater population of SC/ST students. In addition, other major works proposed include: • Construction of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Bhavan in each of the five new Zones for which an allocation of Rs. 5 crores has been made. • A Pourakarmika Bhavan will also be constructed for which an allocation of Rs. 1 crore has been made. Welfare of women : The major initiatives include the following : • Opening of an Apparel Training and Design Centre (GOI entrepreneurship) in order to train women in new Garment technology for better job opportunities. • Sponsoring of eligible women beneficiaries for training in the National Institute for Fashion Technology (NIFT) • Help Centres for destitutes, abused and oppressed women to be opened with the help of NGO’s. • Free Health Kits for women, Pourakarmikas to improve their general health, hygiene and well being. • Financial Assistance to self help groups (SHG’s) for their self employment. • Improvement and maintenance of Anganwadis within BBMP jurisdiction. Other schemes : • A new scheme for the Welfare of Sexual Minorities through NGO’s will be initiated. • BBMP will continue to provide mid-day meal to senior citizens at select locations. In addition, Medical Care program will be introduced for the benefit of Urban Poor. • One Service Center for the benefit of the physically challenged will be opened in each zone in association with NGO’s. The total allocation for the welfare of Backward Classes, Minorities, Women and others is Rs. 32 crores. Welfare of Urban Poor : BBMP has 324 slums under its jurisdiction with a sizable population of urban poor. Housing for these poor with water supply, sanitation and other amenities is a crying need of the hour. BBMP has got housing projects approved under the JNNURM at 18 slums for creation of 1774 dwelling units for the beneficiaries. Each apartment unit will have a bed room, hall, kitchen and toilet over an area of 275 sft. 200 Transit accommodations have already been constructed for in-situ development in 4 slums. 250 dwelling units are under advanced stage of construction in the following five slums: • Bakshi Garden slum • Kalyani slum • Kodihalli slum • Jasma Bhavan slum • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose slum These will be ready for occupation shortly. BBMP has also entered into an MOU with the Police Housing Corporation for construction of 1524 dwelling units for 7170 beneficiaries in the following slums: • Ambedkar Slums (in four wards). • Muniyappa Garden slums. • Gopalapura slum. • Indira Gandhi slum. • Urs Colony. • Vinobhanagar slum. • R K Mutt slum. • Gautam Colony. • Samatha Nagar slum. • Ananthashram slum. The total allocation for slum improvement works is Rs 77 Crores. Education & Sports BBMP recognizes the need to impart better education to the students studying in its schools, who are basically from the poorer section of the society. In this direction, the mid-day meal scheme and special coaching will be continued. Additionally, health check up for children studying in the Corporation schools will be introduced from this year. The pass percentage has increased from 48% to 58% during the year. BBMP will strive to improve the pass percentage to above 75%. The education budget has been doubled over the previous year’s spending to Rs. 58 crores. In order to promote sports, construction of New Stadia in the new zones of BBMP will be taken up for which an allocation of Rs 5 crores has been made. Health • A new Engineering wing under the Health Department will be created in order to provide Health Infrastructure in the newly added areas. Construction of Maternity Homes in each of the new zones will be undertaken. • Byelaws for Domestic Dog Control Programme will be introduced. • Training of Medical Officers of Health and Hoteliers will be conducted on Health and Hygiene under the prevention of Food adulteration. • A report on surveillance of Public Health will be brought out and published every week for the benefit of the Citizens. • Managed Health Care with agencies such as ‘Medi Assist’ will be taken up. A pilot project will be launched in June ‘08 in Bommanahalli zone. • In order to ensure that the Urban Poor living in the City have access to medical treatment which they cannot afford, BBMP will open Evening Health Clinics across its jurisdiction. These clinics will provide OPD facilities and will be open between 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM every day, manned by doctors taken on contract basis. Crematoria & Burial Grounds : • A new crematorium at Chamarajpet will be completed in May 2008. Further, construction of crematoria, one in each of the five new zones will be taken up at total outlay of Rs. 5 crores. • For better management and upkeep of burial grounds, BBMP has entered into an MOU with Vaikutadham trust as a PPP initiative. Maintenance of 3 burial grounds has been taken up initially under this initiative. Solid Waste Management : • The City generates more than 3000 Tonnes of Solid Waste a Day. Disposal of Solid Waste is a stupendous task as existing capacity of land fills is insufficient to meet the requirement. During the coming year, BBMP will augment the land fill capacity to 3000 tonnes. * BBMP has entered into MOU with Terrafirma to process 1000 metric tonnes a day at their disposal site in Doddaballapur. * Waste to Energy project of M/s SGRRL will process 500 tonnes initially and subsequently increasing to 1000 tonnes from April 2008 which is taken up on BOT. * Land fill at Rajarajeshwarinagar near Kumbalgod to dispose dry waste. Will be made operational by September 2008. comment guidelines

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