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Golden Chariot & Garib Rath

Reach Kacheguda from City in A/C Train at just Rs.475 and in 3 tier sleeper at just 575 - Thanks to GaribRath

Today, Golden Chariot a tourist train and GaribRath, an Airconditioned train to Kacheguda, were flagged off from Yeshwantpur.

Golden Chariot covers important tourist spots in Karnataka promoting tourism. Places covered are Srirangapatnam, Mysore, Belur, Halebid, Badami, Goa. Tour is for 1 week and it costs 13,500 rupees for 1 person. Train is highly luxurious with restaurant and royal hotel like sleeping beds. Not too bad. A five star hotel costs 15,000 rupees per day in Bangalore.

Second and most important train that was flagged off was Garib Rath, a fully airconditioned train to Kacheguda from Yeshwantpur. This will run 3 times a week. Cost is just unimaginable at just 475 rupees in normal sitting A/c, 575 in 3 tier A/C and 800 in 2 tier A/C compared to whooping 1,200 in 3 tier A/C of Rajadhani and 950 in Kacheguda Express. Indeed a great boon to common man. Train is also capable of travelling at 130kmph like the Rajdhani and Shatabdis.

Shatabdi and Rajadhani were just watch trains for a middle and lower class man unless until it is sponsered by their companies. Now, such travel is affordable to common man. Garib Rath and Jan Shatabdi services should be started between as many cities as possible and pull the passengers from Buses for more safer and comfortable journey.

Wish many such trains were started between important cities of Karnataka such as Bangalore-Mysore,  Bangalore-Hubli and Bangalore-Chennai, Bangalore-Mumbai and last, but not the least Bangalore-Mangalore.
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Golden Chariot Costs 15,000 per Day

Apologies for the wrong info yesterday. Golden Chariot costs Rs.15,000 per day. For 1 week it costs 1 Lakh 5 thousand. Not for a common man!!.
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jugari cross

vasanth, i edited the title of your post to make it smaller and easy on the eyes. hope that is ok. let me know if you want the old title back. now, any idea why this train is not going through konkan lines and through the ghats of shiradi? it would have elevated the tour experience by several notches. also for a tourist train, the windows of the coaches are like pigeon holes. though the interiors look royal.
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socialist hang up

In order to compete against bus services, the Railways are per force having to reduce fares and offer better services. Terming the service a 'garib' express is just a gimmick to appeal to the old socialistic mind-sets. Perhaps one can't expect the politicians to give up their old ways that easily, I guess. Muralidhar Rao
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