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Traffic As A Part Of City Planning

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The Hindu carried an interesting story today.

Says K.C. Ramamurthy, Inspector-General of Police and Additional Police Commissioner, “Someone plans the road width, someone sanctions building plans. The traffic implications are dealt by us”.

There was an absolute necessity to involve traffic police at the planning stage itself. Ameen to that. Some more

... About 35 per cent of an entire road length in the city was occupied for parking. “With the number of vehicles growing exponentially, we still have not thought of adequate parking space,” he said. Mr. Ramamurthy said that a person must be able to provide proof that he could afford to and owned the space to park his vehicle. “Only then must he be allowed to own a vehicle,” he said. Government offices where the public did not visit often could be shifted away from the centre of the city, schools could be started early so that traffic burden was eased and building of new truck terminals could be considered as solutions, Mr. Ramamurthy added.


Stating that by the end of the year, all details regarding vehicle registration and driving licence would be computerised, he said. “We must also evolve a system where all traffic offences are recorded so that we can cancel driving licences if offences are committed often,” he said.

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