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cess for raising funds

There is a talk of metro becoming too difficult to implment as its expensive.. where properties need to be acquired.. I was reading about the elrts cess that was being colleced in the 90's to the early 00'. It comes up to a whooping 700 crores..its with the bmrcl now.. Now they asy there is a generic cess for infrastructure for Karnataka in place and nothing in particular for bangalore..this cess is being used for projects across Karnataka. However, we can again get back to the cess specifically for Bangalore. This can be used to raise funds for the infrastructure projects. I am sure no one would not want to pay this...afterall this is a small price to pay for saving those precious frustrated hours that we spend at traffic junctions every day.. amidst pollution! We can blame the govt for not doing its part and say that we already pay lot of taxes..but those taxes are generic and not focussed on anything in these cess should be a good way of raising funds for specific something!
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as somebody here said 25 rs, 50rs/hr parking in places <1km from metro line. all that money goes to metro. parking from remaining places goes to other transportation plans. :) comment guidelines

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