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Pre-announcing Mysore site

[Promoting this to a sticky. More interest we see, more the motivation to stay up late and finish Mysore site sooner!] We will shortly be adding Mysore as second city on Praja. A new sub-site will be available at If you are interested in joining Praja-Mysore content team, please register with Mysore as your primary city and let us know via the contact form. Send in a url to your existing blog as well if there is one. is designed to have multiple city focussed sites. Praja admins would help with technical infrastructure, while content teams, one per city, will build and grow city sites - that is our intended structure.

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placeholder site ...

is already up (, but we need more work to get it ready: A separate index page, and city specific look for Mysore.
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Bilingual content ?

I am not a technical person. I presume there is provision in the proposed Mysore site for one to put in Kannada content. This, presumably, would help widen the reach. English only site has inherent limitaions in regard to readership. Besides many, nay most, of those who access this site are equally familiar with Kannada. Maybe, admin would like to make a mention of the site being bilingual in 'About Us' page. If they okay the suggestion, that is.     
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oh yes!

Yes GVK, Kannada content is supported. We have not highlighted that a lot here yet because there are still some technical things we got to sort out. As an example, see this page (open only in Internet Explorer). It is our aim to shield technicalities from writers/ post-ers/ bloggers as much as possible.
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Kannada Section

GVK, we even have a couple of pages (here and here) that were our attempts to write the 'about us' in Kannada. We understand how the local language can be an added benefit to reach the majority of the community. This site can hence support all Indian languages that are presently online (and adher to Unicode standards, which most do).

Currently, since we have a lack of content creators in Kannada, we have kept the Kannada section little inconspicuous.


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Ahhhh Mysore

For some charming reason, anything to do with Mysore attracts tons of people on the web. Ok, ok Dharwad attracts people too ;) comment guidelines

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