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Hello all, I am a resident of Jayanagar 4th T block. There is a site near my house where a lot of parthenium has grown. As this weed is a very harmful and environmental unfriendly, I wanted the BBMP guys to clean up. But even after several complaints (thru phone calls on the number 22975760)they have not done anything. Can anyone tell how to make them take some action? First of all is it their duty to take care of this? Or is it the site owner who responsible for maintaining the site cleanly? Please let me know whom I should contact? Thanks
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Try this

I am also not really sure if it is the owner of the site or BBMP that is responsible for keeping empty sites clean. But, according to this document, they are responsible for sanitation.

If you are game to get them do what they are supposed to do, here is a plan.

1. Submit a written complaint claiming that parthenium is causing health problems. Get an acknowledgment.

2. If no action is taken, fill up and RTI form (a sample is here, costs 10 Rs to file an RTI application) asking for the 'status of your application above'.

The officer's address is available in the first PDF link. The document is in Kannada so if you need help, ask here.

The trick with RTI is that it cant be used to ask 'why have you not cleaned the empty site yet'. You can only ask about the status of your application.

As you can see, the issue here is not mere clearing up of the weed but to make the officers realise that they are accountable. Do go ahead and let us know what happened.


PS:- if it turns out that it is the site owner's responsibility to keep it clean, you should still expect to hear that from them and expect them to serve a notice to the owner of that site. So it is worth going ahead in any case.


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Hello, Thanks for the

Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. I will do that and keep you posted. Karthik
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Hi Karthik, Did you get that fixed? according to BMP Civic Services Guide (Page 5), you should complain to BMP about Parthenium and noxious plants, though it does not mention what the BMP action will be. You need to contact Medical officer of your Zone or BMP Control Room(2221188). Directory is here (Page 7). Let us know what happenned. comment guidelines

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