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Funny - Where to go to Rest Room when in Traffic Jam

Usually i would start from my home to office in Domlur, at 7:40 AM, but today i was a bit late and started at 8:00 AM +. I am from one of that unfortunate areas Bannerghatta Road. I took the road for Bommanahalli, short route to avoid the peak traffic on the Bannerghatta Road. But due to the heavy rain yesterday, the road (which is not actually a road, but a path with mud and stones) was totally damaged. By the time i reached 1 Km before Bommanahalli intersection to hosur road, there was a huge jam. It was totally blocked and choked.

It took me around 30 min to clear this. There was another huge block from BDA Complex to Kormangala Sony Wold signal. By this time it was more than an hour in traffic.

I faced a peculiar problem, i had to go to the rest room, after a good break fast. But there was no place to go niether the traffic was moving. I was in such an awkward condition, that i was almost MUMMIFIED in my CAR.

By the time i reached office it was almost two hours in my CAR and the first thing i did was to use rest room. I was so relieved. I felt i have done a great achievement in my life. No success can give you the happiness that i felt at that moment.

Does any one has similar funny stories while stuck in the traffic jam.......

 -- Bangalorean


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Not very unfamilier

It might be funny in retrospect but I can imagine what you would have gone through. May be you should buy one of those stretch-lemos that have a toilet inside ;)

On a related note, Shruthi has a post on men relieving themselves in the public. The reason is surely not only the lack of public toilets.



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and kids?

What if you have a 3 year old in the car, without a diaper, and he starts demanding a stop for you-know-what? On a serious note, did you read that TOI reporter's time stats on how long it takes Ambulances to cover small distances like 4-5 kms? Well, could be up to 20-30 minutes. When you see an Ambulance struggle to go past you, that is when it hurts the most. comment guidelines

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