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Transit Way

Daily we see a lot of traffic jams in most of Bangalore roads. It almost takes 30 min to reach silk board from St.John hospital road. The major reason for this is due to one way introduced by traffic police. We also see lot of jams at Koramangala last bus stop as many people want to take a right turn to reach airport road.

Even though the roads are big enough they are not being utilized properly. The greatest example for this is road b/w Jakkasanda and St John hospital. The service road on one side is not at all being used. The service road has 2 lane roads and one lane road is used as foot path. If this road is properly renovated the traffic flow can be reduced to large extent. Why can’t we introduce the concept of “Transit Way” in Bangalore roads wherever it is possible? I guess this might reduce the traffic a bit.

  • Introduce one lane transit way from St John junction to silk board which is currently one way road. Allow only BMTC, KSRTC and private company buses in this lane.
  • Introduce transit way in service road from Jakkasandra to Krupanidhi College. Allow only BMTC, KSTRC buses in this lane.
  • Transit way can be introduced from St John junction till Jakkasandra bus stop

Will this concept work out in Bangalore?

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Here is a map

If I understand correctly, what you are saying is that we use the existing service lanes (between points 1,2,3and 4) to allow more traffic.
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While I agree that it might be of use to get the service roads into shape and use them, I have my own doubts about how effective that will be. Most of the jams in Bangalore are caused by high traffic at the intersections and at the areas where several lanes converge into few. In this St.John's , Madivala triangle, I guess the biggest reason for jam is the intersection at BDA complex and convergence of traffic from Madivala side and Forum side at the beginning of St John's road(Point 1 in map). I dont know if the extra lanes would be of any use in this particular situation because the traffic jams are not (in my opinion) cause by the mere amound of vehicle. But there may be other places in Bangalore where road widening might be possible with inclusion of service roads into main road. Thats what is being done on the Hosur road right? What do others think?


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Hi vkb,

Hi vkb, please consider reformatting your post to remove unnatural line breaks.

coming to your post, this is the bottleneck SB has been discussing and predicts will only worsen once the the tollway is done bcoz two streams at different rates will then merge south of silkboard.

I agree transit lanes can help buses and could help other traffic too. Perhaps they can extend these bus lanes consistently all the way south along NH. comment guidelines

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