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APAD Comments with pictures

See the cab standing fully in the middle of the junction when its FULL RED.

Scene taken at the Maharaja junction in Koramangala.

I have taken the picture from my car, when I am at the front and see how far it is from the stopping. And then it caused nuisance to all the other vehicles passing by which has the GREEN light, It didn't had simple respect and sense for the road and other vehicles that atleast come back a few inches and make way for others.

He's parked almost in the centre of the road (facing Vishnu Uphaar, S T Bed layout, K'Mangala), blocking even part of the side road - picture taken at around 10AM on Saturday, 16th April. And, it remained that way for close to half an hour.

And, if it was not for a Saturday, it would definitely have led to traffic jam.

Have a look at this picture, this clearly indicates how bad the scenarios are in Bangalore. Where we have the resources we are not using them.

This picture is near the BEL.

(1) A good bus stop with the shelter is seen, but all empty, no person waiting at the bus-stop, all standing somewhere else.

(2) Bus also not coming till stop, it also stopped where people were standing.
(I have a better example if people still don't want to understand this indiscipline, Does train while coming in the station stops where people are standing or it stops at its designated stops and then people run for their coaches?)

(3) The condition of the footpath, I won't say its great, but its there and good enough for walking.

(4) There is a proper bus-bay also, if the bus driver understands this minimal thing, then he can avoid a lot of traffic pile up behind him during peak hours.

Looking at this, we really need enforcement at strictest level until the poeple start understanding the "right of way" and "to respect others". I know we all are educated, but I think, we deserve it.

The below is a photo of the christ college bus-stop on the other side of the college.
Here, you see bust-stop is exactly where the auto is standing, that is not going anywhere, its waiting for the passengers. This is not the first kind of scneario, I have been seeing autos standing just at the bus-stops, where ideally a bus should stand. In this picture, also the bus can be seen going to the left to stop after the bus-stop, taking the whole diagonal left to go to the left lane only after the bus-stop.



See how driver has used his skillset to "swalpa adjust maadi"(kannada:  ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಅಡ್ಜಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಿ) - the tagline of Bangalore) to available space :)

Where there is will there is way . so where is there is <little> space,  we squeeze..


Location Koramangala. in Kripanidhi College signal. Vehicle is entering from 4th block side. Time approx 8.45am.

No need to mention, there was chaos and traffic jam for 7 mins.

 See how a Hoysala Bangalore Traffic Police Patrol Vehicle is stopped across a road. This vehicle blocked 50% of road, in other words left lane is totally occupied. Not sure what is the reason by stopping in such a position. I am not commenting on it. The location is Garvebhavipalya signal. Picture taken from Garvebhavipalya Road, very narrow road. If half road blocked, its standstill there. 

Hoysala stops




People usually complain about the footpaths being at different levels, or not wide enough, presence of bus stops etc as an excuse for not using them. But this particular footpath is well laid. There are few trees, but even then, it is wide enough that u can easily go around the Trees. There are no bus stops on the way.

But, even then, you dont see manby people using them!

They give scant regard to pedestrians waiting to cross! Even if there is someone waiting on the median to cross, the expectation seems to be that the vehicles can continue on the median, while the pedestrains step back to other lane!


Taken @ coffee board jn. Notice the green has changed to red and the cross traffic is now blocked. The innova to the right of the frame honked me from behind and on seeing me stick to my guns behind the ped xing overtook me and got stuck in the intersection blocking the traffic & pedestrians to boot. Impatience and selfishness is the bane of our traffic mess

 In this case, auto driver has positioned correctly. Hence creating no confusion and clear formation. Note auto driver has not crossed zebra lines. Not squeezed just because there is space left and right to him. Even BMTC bus has aligned properly. This was first rare scene of discipline. Location: below silkboard fly-over.





This above photo is the view from my rear view mirror at ejipura signal when coming from the domlur flyover, showing how the yellow bus is standing covering the 2 lanes, i should say, standing on the 2 lanes and hence no other traffic can come from its right too, not even the right turning traffic. The cascading effect is seen in the image above as well as see the below image where I have taken from the front windshield.


Now, to make it more worse, this bus didn't take the right turn also, it went staight, now think, how much space had got wasted because of that bus.


 Although there are many people violating the traffic rules and/or common sense, the one that prompted me to put the picture here is the BMTC bus driver blocking the junction! I have tried to depict the traffic situation in the picture below.

There was a truck breakdown on the road, which slowed down Flow1. There was a traffic pile up, which reached the smaller junction. The traffic police stoped the flow1 for sometime to make way for flow4 (vehicles from smaller junction) to enter the main road. But a few vehiclesdidnt obey the traffic warden, and came forward to block that junction. Now, flow4 blocks flow3 on the main road. And flow4 would move only if flow1 moves.

Flow3 was now blocked upto the photographed junction. The signal is green for the BMTC bus. But, I wish he had stopped to allow flow2 to move rather than moving into the junction while he had no space to move forward.  Now that the bus moved forward, the right turn traffic at the photographed junction is blocked. Because of which flow1 slowed down further!

That was a perfect gridlock situation, which didnt solve, from the 20 minutes I took to move from the smaller junction to my office (less than 500m), climbed up 5 floors by the stairs, and photographed the mess, inspite of some 5-10 traffic wardens + volunteers from security in nearby office trying to unravel the gridlock.

The bmtc bus driver is not the only one who didnt use common sense!

I guess this is the perfect example of prisoners dilemma(ref:  ) , which we see on the bangalore roads every day. Every one chooses a selfish strategy to move ahead, while hurting everyone on the road, including oneself.

I had clicked this pic for my other you have no option but to drive in the middle of the road......!!!!

after working in the UK for sometime i tried this experiment driving in a lane for sometime,but soon realised that i was being overtaken by everyone in a hapazard way and had to quit it soon. ........  but have  learnt to drive safely and in a disciplined way, honk when really required.....not sure if i follow the lane discipline....    ;)

Will give it a try again and see how it goes........!!!


 Another set of drivers who disrupt lane discipline by a) breaching zebra line and b) laying a new wrongly aligned lane. 

Also I have noted in few signals Zebra Crossing marked in very unscientific way , so people never use it. So drivers are tempted, forced to stop vehicle on it. Example : Hosa Road Signal in Hosur Road. See second image

Zebra Crossing

Wrong marking shown, see red arrow

Wrong Zebra Crossing


 Notice how the white maruti 800 in the side view mirror has formed a new lane straddling the lane marker. The rest of the cars behind him are too close to realize he is in violation and form a long line of vehicles causing chaos. FIrst this wouldnt be possible if the lane was a tight 3.3 meters. Nevertheless this happens if you are too close you cant see markings & have to trust the car in front. View the tyre on tarmac video here. OTOH the lane forming behind me is legal and does not cause chaos because they trusted a DDC member ;) This is the effect of a few people learning the rules & driving properly your behaviour can cause cascading effects

Taken @ sankey road bashyam circle on top of the bund coming from malleshwaram 18 cross, which has a single lane for both side traffic. You can see the 2 cars trying to jump the queue waiting for signal, from the wrong side & blocking on coming traffic at an intersection with no guilt of wrongdoing. It is considered their right & privelege to drive the way they want.

This is somewhat similar to some of the problems at the Cable-stayed bridge/ORR junction in KR Puram that were discussed in the now disbanded KR Puram Road Engg group (as some of sb's pics demonstrate: KR Puram Bridge 028

Atleast we don't have to factor multiple confounding factors this time :)

One option for the BDA junction mess would be to (see pic below):

  1. Create a shared 'exit/bus lane' for traffic using the magic box.
  2. Split this into two and create an island. The left branch continues on to the magic box that while the right branch becomes a bus only lane.
  3. The island serves forms a bus stop and one of the landing places for a skywalk (other landing places could be either extremes of Chowdiah Rd.
  4. Move overpass lanes to the left, enabling an easier merge for buses (arguably the trickiest part). comment guidelines

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