How to use subscriptions

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Subscriptions refer to the e-mail notifications that you can choose to receive based on your preferences. These notifications will be sent to your registered e-mail address at a frequency chosen by you. Subscriptions can be used to effectively track issues of interest to you, posts by your favourite author or follow on a discussion you participated in.

You automatically get 'subscribed' to a discussion (a blog or a forum topic) whenever you post a comment on the discussion. This feature will help users who want to follow up on the replies to their comments. If you do not wish to automatically subscribe to the discussions, you can change your preferences for 'Auto subscribe' (See below).

You can also subscribe manually to any discussion, author, issue, group or a 'tag'. At the end of each post (blog, forum etc), you will see a 'Subscribe' link just before the comments section. Clicking on this link will open up various options for you to subscribe for that particular discussion, or the particular issue etc. Just tick the appropriate boxes and click 'Save'. You would now be subscribed to receive notifications.

For any reason if you want to stop following a discussion, you can go the the discussion page and click on 'Subscribe' as above. Just tick the boxes off and click 'Save'. You should now stop receiving the notification e-mails. You can also manage your subscriptions by going to 'My Account' and then clicking 'Subscriptions'. Choose an appropriate category like 'Pages','Blog' etc. to manage your subscriptions.

On the same page, you will see more options for your subscriptions when you click 'Settings'. In Settings, you can choose whether you want to be 'Auto subscribed' to pages that you add a comment on. We recommend that you keep this option on so that you get notified of new comments on these discussions.

If you are receiving too many notification mails, you can choose 'Digest mode' and choose to receive a single e-mail containing all the notifications that are relevant to your subscriptions. You can also choose how often you want to receive the e-mail notifications (in digest mode or otherwise).

Click 'Save' and all your settings will be in effect immediately.