BBMP broke

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  "Forget mega infrastructure projects, there is no money even for ward-level works,"

said an East Bangalore corporator. There are just five months left in the financial year, and the Palike has not made good on any of its promises. The funds that the Palike has in its kitty would only suffice to meet salary expenses and regular administration requirements, pointed out a senior opposition member in the BBMP council. "Routine expenses will take up nearly Rs500 crore," he said.

Serious problem - Main source of BBMP revenue: Property tax. Out of projected 1600crore only 800crore was realized. 500 crore for salaries and 300 crore left. So project budget is only 300 crores!!! and 500 crores gives us mud pits for roads, uncleared garbage, street dogs unlimited etc!!! What a bloody mess!