2. The Preferred Strategy For Transport Development

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In order to prepare the Comprehensive Transport Plan the following policy measures have been considered:

a) Extension of mass transport system to provide wide coverage and transport integration with other modes of transport.

b) Provide substantially large network of medium level mass transport system such as BRT to cover the areas beyond the Metro network and on over loaded corridors.

c) Landuse adjustments and densification of corridors along mass transport corridors where possible.

d) Extension of commuter rail system upto the BMRDA’s New Townships & beyond upto Tumkur, Hosur etc. to act as sub-urban services.

e) Rationalisation of local bus system and its augmentation.

f) Improvement in traffic management through TSM measures.

g) Special facilities for pedestrians within the entire network specially in the core areas; pedestrianisation of selected shopping streets in side the core area going to be served by Metro. Provision of pedestrian sky walks/subways, footpaths and road furniture along the roads where necessary.

h) Diverting through traffic on Peripheral Ring Road. Providing transport hubs at the junctions of Peripheral Ring Road with important radials such as; the National Highways and other heavily loaded roads.

i) Improving primary, arterial and other important roads (particularly radial and ring roads) by providing grade separation, junction improvements, adding missing links, widening and other road side facilities wherever necessary.