The upcoming BMR bill - draft

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Continuing from the mention of two clear asks post BBMP elections, here is a regional governance reform proposal being prepared by Abide. The close to final draft of Bangalore Metropolitan Regional governance act is attached. Here are some mention worthy points. Detailed review will be very much appreciated by those who may be looking for them. Talk sense and less-rhetoric as much as possible please.

  • It incorporates recommendations from Kasturirangan Committee report as well as Abide task force's regional governance act, 2009
  • Talks of amendments to several existing acs including Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, BMRDA act, BDA act etc.
  • Talks of a broader Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC), 2/3rd members elected from amongst the elected members of the municipal corporation and municipalities, 1/3rd nominated by state government.
  • MPC to be responsible for creating development plan with due regards to plans prepared by local authorities in the Bangalore Metro Region.
  • MPC would have a smaller, 7 people strong Metro Planning Board (MPB. MPB would be the executive head of MPC.
  • MPB is supposed to create multiple separate committees with focus on areas of Planning, Transportation, Environment, Sanitation, Arts/Heritage etc. Total 6 such Sectoral committees.
  • There would be a Bangalore Metropolitan Traffic and Transportation Authority, seems to be a replacement from our toothless BMLTA.

Need to read more. If someone could picture a clear picture of how MPC sits as the umbrella planning body on top of local autorities, that will help make the draft document easy to read for many.

BMR Bill Draft - March 26 2010.pdf183.33 KB