Commuter / suburban rail - part II

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Branching off from "Commuter-rail-will-it-ever-materialize" thread as it got too long. The IDD seems to be moving in the direction of surveying for CRS (item 3, pp. 2). It is unknown how much it / govt. can influence SWR. In other words, why spend the resources (money, time) on studies if there are no 2-way MoUs between the state govt. and the Railways? Now only if the prajagalu attending the BMLTA meet can bring it up on priority ...

Some other questions for BMLTA might be:

  • the frequency and agenda of the meetings (seem to be too far apart). Of course, w/o any legal teeth yet, meetings may be moot.
  • the transport commissioner seems to not be a part of the deliberations (deliberately? ;-)). Or, may not have attended this particular meeting.

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Unrelated items:

  • item 8 mentions bus shelters still by BBMP? *puzzled*
  • section 6/7 - there is no mention of Scomi/Geodesic. Why would IDD again prepare the DPR if Geodesic already submitted one? Different alignment?

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Limited information posted on BMLTA's site is very frustrating (but better than no information).